What is the significance of the sharks tooth bracelet in the movie boys from Brazil?

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Shark teeth have long been known for their symbolic meaning of bravery, strength, power, and protection. Mengele visits the cloning clinic used fourteen years prior, and the bracelet is shown hanging three times during egg operations and gestation memory vision scenes. Ostensibly the shark tooth bracelet had protected the Hitler clones. Then, Mengele finds it on the dirty floor and carries it off. He fondles it for luck as he approaches the Wheelock residence, and later Bobby hangs it in his darkroom. Innocent Bobby is protected by the bracelet as Bennett and other Nazi hunters ponder his execution
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What is the bracelet in boys from Brazil?

A suggestion might be that it shows a contradiction in Mengele's Aryan thinking in that he used native, primitive, "inferior" women as the womb for the little Hitler boys. Whe

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