What is the song that plays in yes man when Jim Carrey is singing to the man on the ledge?

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How many movies has Jim carrey played in?

He's been in 37 movies, 10 TV shows, 3 shorts, and a video game. The game, if you're interested, was "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events", and he provided the voice for Count Olaf. :)

Who sings the song I'll be the man who will fight for your honor?

The song is actually called "Glory of Love" and it's sung by Peter Cetera, formerly of the band Chicago. It was on the Karate Kid 2 soundtrack in the final fight scene where Daniel fights his opponent for the honor of the townspeople. It is also a song by New Found Glory, entitled "Glory of Love" (MORE)

Who sings the gospel song man in the middle?

The Cupps. Barbara and Troy Cupp and their 2 daughters and Charity her oldest daughters husband they are from Williamsburg, Kentucky. The Cupps are a southern gospel group. I love this song!

What song does Tommy sing in Music Man?

There is a song he sings on, and it's not the lead, "Shipoopi" - Marcellus Washburn (lead), Harold, Marian, Tommy Djilas, Zaneeta Shinn, and teenagers. The "Finale" includes vocals by the whole company.

Did Jim Carrey write any songs?

Yes...the one that I know of is called "Let's Bring Heaven Down Here." It was recorded by the beautiful duo Tuck and Patti. It's an amazing song.

What is the song that the man on stage sings in the movie Il Viaggio?

I too am searching all over the internet for the answer! I can't believe that NO ONE knows what song it is.. I MUST have it!!!!. It is incredibly beautiful.. I'd love to know the meaning tooooooo. Come on native Italians, you must know the answer to this million dollar question..

Is Jim Carrey in Spider-Man 4?

no...the three stooges is being filmed at the exactly same time ...shame rly ..i rly think Jim carrey could pull off tht level of crazy

What is a yes man?

a yes man is someone who always agrees to someone they most like ly fear no matter what the subject is, most likely, a suck up

Jim Carrey's name in Yes man?

The character played by Jim Carrey in the 2008 comedy film Yes Man, directed by Peyton Reed, is named Carl Allen.\n

When did Jim Carrey start playing movies?

The first film Jim Carrey appeared in was in 1981 as a stand up comic in a Canadian TV production "Rubberface". He made his acting debut in 1984 movie "Finders Keepers" with Michael O'Keefe, Beverly D'Angelo, and Lou Gossett Jr.

Who sings the song from the movie a man apart in the end?

The songat the very end of the movie the first song to play at the beginning of the credits is "TOUCH" by Seal. I sat with my face 3in from the TV to get the spong names from credits then checked each one on metro lyrics search engine and lime wire lol!! i wanted that song bad can ya tell :)

Songs from the play music man?

rock island, Iowa stubborn, ya got trouble, 76 trombones ice cream shipoopi(singing this 1 in my school play. marcellus isn't fat, he's fluffy) and a couple others

Mere man ye bata de tu song is in which raag?

I think the this song is in raag khamaj but we can put it in mishra raag khamaj...Sa Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa are in aroh and Sa ni (Komal nishad) Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa are in avaroh in raag khamaj.. This song has feelings of Khamaj...Only Re is used in discretion of composer....Therefore it would be termed (MORE)

Is it gay for a man to sing songs that a girl sings?

Remember, folks, music is not the same thing as sex. Anybody can sing any song they want to sing, it has nothing to do with being gay, unless you are actually a female impersonator who dresses up as a woman to sing those songs. That could be gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Who sings be your man?

Josh Terner sings be your man and if you ask me i think Scotty Mccreery sings it better lol

Who were the main actors in man on a ledge?

Sam Worthington Nick Cassidy Mandy Gonzalez Manager Barbara Marineau Screaming Woman J. Smith-Cameron Psychiatrist Anthony Mackie Mike Ackerman Patrick Collins Father Leo Jamie Bell Joey Cassidy Genesis Rodriguez Angie Afton Williamson Janice Ackerman Rob (MORE)

Who sings the popular song Yes I Am?

Melissa Etheridge penned and vocalized the song "Yes I Am" in early 1992, releasing on her next album in 1993. Her earthy undertones and old soul she provided the lyrics got the track quite a few spins at radio stations across the country.

Who sings the song Maintenance Man?

The singer Cee Lo Green, born on May 30, 1974, sings the song Maintenance Man. The song is part of his album, Cee Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections, which was released in 2002.

What are the ratings and certificates for Man on a Ledge - 2012?

Man on a Ledge - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13 Canada:PG (Ontario) France:U Germany:12 Hong Kong:IIA India:U/A Ireland:12A Japan:G Netherlands:12 Norway:15 Philippines:PG-13 Portugal:M/12 Singapore:PG13 South Korea:15 Switzerland:12 (canton of Gen (MORE)