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What is the state tree of Alabama?

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Southern Longleaf Pine The official state tree of Alabama is the southern longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Miller). The southern pine tree was first designated as the state tree in 1949. In 1997 the southern longleaf pine was specified.
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What is the state tree fruit of Alabama?

Peach   The official state tree fruit of Alabama is the peach (Rosacea, genus Prunus, Species P. persica). It was designated as such in 2006.

What state is Alabama?

Alabama is a state in southeastern  United States. It is bordered by Tennessee, Georgia, Florida,  Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. Compared to other U.S. states,  Alaba

What is the Alabama state bird flower tree and motto?

The Alabama State Bird is the Yellowhammer.  The Alabama State Flower is the Camellia.  The Alabama State Tree is the Southern Pine (pinus palustris).  Alabama's motto i