What is the telephone number of DFA in Manila?

The Department of Foreign Affairs' telephone number in Manila is (632) 834-4000.
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Where is dfa Manila?

I can confirm that the answers to related questions are accurate. Once you are on Roxas Blvd, you can find it readily. check their website for hours of operation.
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What is the telephone number of TUP-manila?

Technological University of The Philippines Manila 5232293      http://www.infomaninc.com/philippineschool/schoolcontact.htm
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What is the telephone area code for Alabang manila?

The telephone area code for all of metro Manila is 02, which is +63 2 in international format. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM (MORE)

What is the telephone number of the Philippine embassy in Manila?

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