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What is the telephone number to get the government HDTV coupon?

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These have expired by now and they ar eno longer issuing coupons.
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What is HDTV?

Answer . HDTV stands for High Definition Television.\n. \nHDTV is a digital television broadcasting standard. Since it is digital, the signals are composed of ones and zer

How do you apply for a government coupon to buy an HDTV converter?

I believe that's being offered by the FCC. It's a $40.00 coupon fora set-top converter to convert the digital channels to analogformat for the older TV's. Try looking up the

Government HD converter box coupon application telephone number?

The digital boxes are NOT for hd converters. They are $40 coupons designed to provide those households hooked up to an antenna or rabbit ears to receive the digital signal via

How do you get HDTV coupons and deals?

Try Costco coupons.. They have deals on HD TVs and blu Ray and alot of things related to HD TVs Pricedropalert has HDTV deals and price drops and you can get easily online

What does hdtv do?

HDTV represents the regular picture and television channels thatsomeone is used to seeing, but they are in high definition. Thismeans that there will be a clearer picture.

What is the government coupon for tv convert boxes?

it is a red card provided by the govt that ihas a value of 40 dollars and you can only use to buy a converter box on authorized retailer, most of the converter boxest cost bet

How much numbers have a coupon code?

On different site there are different codes sometimes codes are 4 to 8 digits for example: 21M1PKG this is bostonproper.com free shipping codes. A1FLEX5 this is 15% discount