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What is the theme of the son of Neptune?

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The main theme in the story "The Son of Neptune" is that you have to protect what is precious to you. In this case, Percy struggles through many obstacles in order to protect his "family", which in this story, is Hazel and Frank. He also fights to regain his memories and to re unite with his girlfriend Annabeth.

Another possible theme in this story could be family. All throughout the story, Percy treats his friends like his family. In the end of the book in the last few pages, believe he said something like "I want you to meet my other family" referring to his old friends at camp half-blood.
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What is the moral of the son of Neptune?

I guess the moral is that somethings are worth everything in the world, and you have to be willing to give up everything for others. That is because Hazel helped unchain Death

What is hazels curse in son of neptune?

Hazel's curse is that whenever she walks around metal it will come out of the ground and be cursed. So bad things will happen to people who touch it. She can also melt the met

How many chapters does The Son of Neptune have?

the chapter numbers in this book are in roman numerals such that they use letters in certain order to mark numbers. I=1 V=5 X=10 L=50 to answer the question, the final chapter

What does the book the son of Neptune symbolize?

Two symbolism include (seen on the cover): 1) the Legion's eagle- it's a symbol for Zeus and the symbol for the 5th cohort, which Percy is in (very ironic considering that sea