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The main theme in the story "The Son of Neptune" is that you have to protect what is precious to you. In this case, Percy struggles through many obstacles in order to protect his "family", which in this story, is Hazel and Frank. He also fights to regain his memories and to re unite with his girlfriend Annabeth.

Another possible theme in this story could be family. All throughout the story, Percy treats his friends like his family. In the end of the book in the last few pages, believe he said something like "I want you to meet my other family" referring to his old friends at camp half-blood.
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Did Neptune have a son?

Many, a notable child of Neptune (Poseidon) is Polyphemus.

What will son of Neptune be about?

Type your answer here... the son of neptune is about percy and how he survived after he disapeared and lost his memory. Hera takes him to camp jupiter and meets hazel and fra

What is The son of Neptune about?

The son of neptune is about percy jackson arriving at the roman camp or camp jupiter. He, like jason, doesn't remember anything other that annabeth, his girlfriend. Percy goes

Is Percy the protagonist in the Son of Neptune?

Sorry but Percy will not be the protagonist. Because this will be narrated by the same characters, so to the person who answered "he might be" quit your lies.

Is the son of Neptune out yet?

I don't quite know. A friend of mine said he's reading it, so I suppose that it's out now. If it's not, I'm a little angry.

What is the book son of neptune about?

We do not know, as it is not out yet. Supposedly by the title it is about Percy in the Roman Half Blood Camp.

What is son of Neptune all about?

It is about Percy Jackson, who is now at the Roman demigod camp. More information can be found at Rick Riordan's website. Also search up "The Son of Neptune" on the Internet t

What is the theme of son of Neptune?

well there are a couple of themes one being that you shouldn't change the way you are and you shouldn't compare yourself to other people another one is that you should protect