What is the tonnage of a goodman air handle model aruf364216ba?

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3 to 3.5 tons
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What is the Goodman air conditioner model number CKL49-1L tonage?

Hi: Basically you got a 4 ton system on your hands. It is a high efficiency job and therefore claims a thousand btuh more than the 48k required to make up a 4 ton.. 12,000 btu = 1 ton soooooooo 4 times this = 4 tons plus 1000 extra btuh claim.. P.S.,,, I'm a big user of Goodman Products for long t (MORE)

What is the Goodman air conditioner model number ce25leb tonage?

Hi:,,,, Goodman has a web. site and they are a very good company. I like them a lot and have said for years they give you a lot of bang for the buck.. verify this through them, but the 27 is most likely designating a high efficiency 2 ton system.. Hope this helps: Jimimwane

What is Goodman air conditioner model number GSC130421?

http://www.goodmanmfg.com/Portals/0/pdf/SS-GSC13.pdf Go to this site. That site will give you the product literature, sure. But, that model is a Goodman straight cool (meaning not heat pump) 13 SEER 3.5 ton condenser (outside unit). Depending upon with which indoor unit this condenser was matched, (MORE)

What is the meaning of air conditioner tonnage?

One ton =12,000 btu's. A 5 ton unit would provide 60,000btuh of cooling.. lc. Refrigeration is the ability to remove heat. Like anything else distance,weight, temperature etc. there is a need to measure it. Tonnage is the unit of measure used to express refrigeration capacity.

What ton is a goodman model GSH130301AC?

It is a 2.5 ton 13 seer heat pump unit. The G stands for Goodman, the S stands for split, H stands for heat pump. 13 designates the seer. 30 designates the tonnage of the unit. AC is the models revision.

What is a goodman air-condition model number aruf486016ba in tonnage?

4 to 5 tons depending on outside unit capacity, orifice size and blower speed. 48 in the model numbers represents 48000 BTUH, 60 means 60000 BTUH, 1 ton = 12000 BTUH. Goodman changed models a few years ago to allow for inventory reduction so this model will provide with 4 or 5 tons depending on how (MORE)

How do you determine what tonnage air conditioner you need?

You measure the volume of every room that needs to be cooled, add the effect of warm air entering through doors and windows, factor in the amount of insulation in the attic and in the walls, determine the average and the peak difference in temperature between inside and outside, and presto - you hav (MORE)

What is tonnage of goodman heat pump model CPK J48 1B?

Actually it depends on what Air Handler it is matched up to. Without the complete matched combination it is an inaccurate statement to state 4T. Also the old rule of thumb take the 48 and divide by 12 does not work, with today's equipment a 4 ton system can give you anywhere from 43000 - 47000, but (MORE)