What is the top speed of a mercedez-benz c220?

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The top speed of a Mercedes Benz C220 is 172 mph. Other Mercedes Benz series can even reach up to 260 mph. However, reaching top speed is not recommended.
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Where is the transmission dipstick of a Mercedes Benz C220?

In theory, the transmission is a lifetime sealed system. In reality, MB absolutely wants everything to do with this to be a dealer service on many of their cars. But to say on

Where can you buy a wiring harness for a 1995 c220 Mercedes Benz?

from the stealership... OR --- I rebuild harnesses for the c220's 230's and 280's.. Email me at Doin12volt at yahoo dot com you just remove yours, send it to me, i rebuild it,

What is the radio code for Mercedes Benz C220?

there is not a universal radio code. Each radio has it own. There is a card with the owner mannual with the specific number for the radio in your car. if u caint find the car

Where is the blower motor located on a 1994 Mercedes Benz c220?

The Blower motor is located under the glovebox assuming it is RHD car. They are temperamental . . . ! There is a vent approx 3'' x2" to the RHS of the footwell with a larg

How do you change a fuel filter on a 1994 Mercedes-Benz c220?

It is located next to the fuel pump under the car near the fuel tank (the car needs to be lifted) It's cover is held in by 3 screws. . Note: According to TSB Order No.: P-B-4
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When was the launching of C220 Mercedes-Benz?

Since its first version, there have been many versions of the C220 launched. The newest 2013 version of the Mercedes Benz C220 launched at the Geneva Auto Show in February 201