What is the top speed of a ttr 250?

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i would say as a farm bike that it is in the low 80 km per hour

Top speed of ttr 80?

from my experience in racing pit bikes ive messured a tt-r 80cc to go around 100mph going up hill and flat road 140mph

What is the top speed of a 125 ttr?

The top speed of the 125 ttr dirt bike is determined by the surfaceupon which it is being ridden as well as the weight of the personridding and gear. Ordinarily it can do spee

Ttr 90 top speed?

I've seen posts here say 55mph. This is absolute horse crap. If anyone can get a stock TTR90 to do more than 40mph, then they must be going down one heck of a hill. my ttr ca

What is a Yamaha ttr-250 top speed?

hey buddy i happen to have a Yamaha TTR250 with 14/44 gearing which is stock and i have tested and achieved 140 kilometres per hour. hope that helps, i currently have 14/47