What is the top speed on a 2007 Honda 150F?

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I'd say around 50-55mph if not slower, it will go 45-50mph stock i no because my friend has a crf150f and i race him on my 2008 crf150r and mine goes like 65mph and his goes like fifteen mph slower then my bike.
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How do you change the oil on a Honda CRF 150F?

To change the oil on a 150f you have to take a cap off it takes a big socket set to do this. The cap is right next to the shifter. once the cap is off a spring is right behind
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Where is the Honda CRF 150F battery?

The battery is located behind the white panel on the clutch side of the bike. You will need an adjuctable wrench and a Phillips head screw driver to take the panel off. (2 bol