What is the total of 36 and 78 and 198 and 475 and 620?

36 + 78 + 198 + 475 + 620 = 1407
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How many miles in 475 kilometers?

295.2 miles Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula475 km*100000 cm 1 km*1 in 2.54 cm*1 mi 63360 in=295.1513163 mi Direct Conversion Formula 475 km*1 mi 1.609344 km (MORE)
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What are the Factors of 198?

the factors of 198 are 1,2,3,6,9,11,22,33,66,99,198.
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Factors of 198?

11 x 18 = 198 22 x 9 = 198 33 x 6 = 198 66 x 3 = 198 99 x 2 = 198 198 x 1 = 198 Therefore, factors of 198 are 1,2,3,6,9,11,18,22,33,66,99
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You invested 19000 in two accounts paying 2 percent and 6 percent annual interest If the total interest earned for the year was 620 how much was invested at each rate?

13000 at 2% and 6000 at 6% Create 2 simultaneous equations and solve: Let the amount invested at 2% be x and at 6% be y, then: x + y = 19000 0.02x + 0.06y = 620 (Si (MORE)