What is the trade in value of a Nintendo DSi?

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Sadly, probably not as much as you originally payed for it. Gamestop's trade in value for the console is $18.00 (in perfect condition). You might as well keep the system.

Can you trade the Nintendo DS Lite for the Nintendo DSi?

If you mean simply trading one system for the other, then no, you cannot. The Nintendo DSi is worth about $150 while the DS Lite is worth about $110. You can, however, trad

Can you trade your Nintendo DS in for a Nintendo DSi?

You cannot trade in your DS for a DSi without paying extra money, due to the DSi being more advanced and up to date. Also, the condition of the item can control how much it is
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When you trade in a Nintendo DSi does it have to be in its box?

A Nintendo DSi does not have to be in its box to trade it to gaming stores such as GameStop. They will accept it if it is in usable or salvageable condition. Some stores may n
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Can you trade in your dsi XL for a Nintendo 3ds?

I am 99.99% sure that you cannot trade in the DSi XL for a 3DS without needing to pay or trade extra.* But what you could do is trade in your DSi XL with a couple games and ex
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How much is the a 3ds when you trade in your Nintendo DSi?

Depends where you get it. I traded my DSI in, but that was on the day it came out (so, it was expensive). I'd say you'd get it for €100 if not less! Go to your local game