What is the typical size of a 2 car garage in 1954 homes?

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Homes in the 1950's didn't typically have two stall garages. Most, if they had a garage at all, only had single stall garages. Those that would have been about 20' x 20'.
A 2-car garage might be 30 feet wide and 25 feet deep.
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What is the typical size of a 2 car garage?

The typical garage, as defined by most cities and counties in the United States, is 20 ft by 20 ft - for a total of 400 sq.ft. The most common garage door is a single 16 ft wide door centered on one side of the garage.. High-end designers generally prefer larger garages and multiple, smaller doors. (MORE)

Average garage size?

The average size of a garage depends on the number and type ofvehicles that the owner intends to store. For instance, a 20x20 ft.garage is considered adequate for two average saloon cars parkedside by side.

Can I heat my garage with my home furnace?

Mechanical penetrations (Supply or Return Air Vents) are not allowed in garages in residential construction under the International Residential Code.. . Some countries' Building Codes and/or Regulations may allow a garage to be heated by a normal water-heated radiator supplied by the house's furna (MORE)

Width of double car garage?

The standard width of a double car garage is 20.5 feet. That is abig enough size to fit a large sedan and a truck inside.

Your car was reposessed out of your garage at home it that legal?

Yes, if it was not locked. They cannot breach the peace to repossess a vehicle but they can come on your property to get their property, namely the car you do not own. It is their car until you pay for it. So legally they have only recovered their property.

What is the standard size of a 1 car garage?

As is the case with many common things, there appear to be neither any official nor any de facto standard dimensions for garages. For a one-car garage, 12 feet by 22 feet (12' x 22') seems to be as close to "standard" as anything else. Generally, consider 10' x 20' to be absolute minimum. Bigger, (MORE)

One car garage size?

on a slab of concrete 12'x24' is about the standard for full-size trucks and suv's and older American cars i.e. Cadillac, Lincoln, Olds and Chrysler all had model years where they measured 18' on length. Two Car adage double the width plus 16" for the slab. Don't forget the footing at the perimeter (MORE)

How many UK homes have a garage?

This is impossible to answer accurately ! Not all homes have a garage - some homes have more than one ! even people living in high-rise tower blocks may (or may not) have a garage.

Standard garage door size?

residential; Width 8',9',10', 12,' 15',16',18' Height 6'6", 7', 7'6", 8' (sizes are standard but may not all necessarily be stock) depending on mfg. some other heights could be available with different size panel configurations. Other odd widths are generally available on many doors but are custom o (MORE)

What is a typical home?

A typical home will comprise of on average four exterior walls and some type of roofing material. In most cases local materials will be used.

Who do I claim from after i accidentally started my car in gear and it smashed into the garage door is it my home insurance or my car insurance there's no damage to my car?

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Is a 21ft garage a two car garage?

Typically, a 2 car garage minimum width is 24'. This said, there is no reference to minimum widths for garages in the IRC building code that I can find.

What are the dimensions of a 1.5 car garage?

There aren't any standard dimensions for a 1.5 car garage, but aone-car garage is less than 300 square feet. A two-car garage isusually just over 600 square feet, so a 1.5 car garage would besomewhere in between the two measurements.

How big is a two-car garage?

With a 16' x 7' garage door you can get by with a 20 x 20 slab. 22 x 24 will of course be more comfortable...

What would be the minimum width of a 3 car garage with 2 doors a single and a double?

Outside measurement of the building using one 16' and one 8' door, 1/2" plywood siding and no overhang would be 25' and 8". You need a minimum of 3" on each side of the door for the track and the thickness of the outside walls. If you are going it sheetrock the inside increase the measurement by t (MORE)

Average size of 1 car garage?

The minimum size for a 1 car garage should be 12' x 22'. From experience I have learned you can never build it too large but you can sure build it too small. A 14' x24' would be what I would build.

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What percentage of homes in the US have a garage?

"Garages or carports are common for households living in single-detached units-just over three in four of these homes (76 percent) have a covered shelter for vehicles. Townhouses or row houses, on the other hand, include a garage or carport less than half the time (46 percent). In both mobile homes (MORE)

Is it legal to go into a garage while your eleven yr old is home alone and has the garage open to reprocess a car while there is no adult at home?

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If the safety didn't work on the garage door and it closed on my trunk is that home owners or a car insurance claim?

This would be an auto claim assuming that you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. If your car was moving at the time it would probably be a collision. Homeowners specifically excludes coverage for motorized vehicles with certain exceptions (lawnmowers, golf carts, etc). Your claim would be (MORE)

What is the square feet of a 2 car garage?

Garages are different from country to country So you need to know how long and wide it is. Mine is quite large for even for Canada My two car is 24 by 26 feet long. 24X26=624 square feet

What is the width of a double car garage?

The standard double car garage door is 16' wide x 7' high. A two car garage should typically be a minimum of 20' wide (inside) to allow the doors to open. 22' to 24' width is preferred.

What is the typical size for a home water chiller?

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What would you need a garage home for?

When you live in the northern climates and have to deal with snowy winters a garage is the best thing invented to help shave a few minutes off your morning commute time. Brushing off the snow and scraping the ice off the windshield is an awful way to start your day.

Single garage door size?

Standard single garage doors have measurements of 10 x 7 feet, 9 x7 feet and 8 x 7 feet all around. If you have more question regarding garage door, you can ask toegaragesystems.com.au

What is the width of a typical 3 car garage?

Sixty feet is a good size width for a 3 car garage. This comes from the Illustrated Guide to Tactical Drawing: How to Determine Floorplans. It calculates the size of the cars with doors open and adequate space to walk between vehicles.