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What is the unique selling proposition of Pepsi?

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First of all
1. Trusted brand
2.good taste
4.Solid advertisment
5and great value for money
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Who sells more Coke or Pepsi?

The fact is the answer depends on what you mean by Coke or Pepsi...the company or the drink. If you mean the cola drink, then Coke is. Pepsi has never out-sold Coke in the 108 (MORE)

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What stores do they sell coke-or-pepsi books about you?

Our books are sold at Scholastic Book Fairs and are also available at Barnes & Noble bookstores. You can purchase them directly from us in the Fine Print online bookstore, as (MORE)

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How unique am I?

Every one is unique in there own special way. you are the only one like you. Even if you have an identical twin. there are still many, many ways that the two of you are differ (MORE)

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What Is Social Selling?

The term "social selling" is a sales technique that starts via social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. (MORE)

Ideas for Selling Baby Clothes

There are many reasons why parents might want to sell baby clothes. Couples that do not intend to have any more children would have no need to keep clothing that no longer fit (MORE)

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What dose unique selling point mean?

A 'unique selling point' is a feature that something has which makes it more valuable than something else that is similar to it. For example, a 'unique selling point' of a hou (MORE)

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What is in Pepsi?

Carbonated Water High Fructose Corn Syrup Caramel Sugar Phosphoric Acid Caffeine Citric Acid Natural Flavor
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What is meant by Unique selling point?

Unique selling point is something that is designed to save a  consumer time while they are considering buying a product or  service. This is essentially something that will (MORE)

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Examples of a unique selling propositions?

They include: Metropolitan Life: "Get Met. It Pays.", M&M's:  "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand and Head & Shoulders:  "You get rid of dandruff". The term unique sellin (MORE)

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What is proposition 30?

As quoted directly from the Wikipedia article on the 2012 election... Proposition 30 This is an initiated constitutional amendment that would increase income tax on incomes (MORE)