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What is the unique selling proposition of Pepsi?

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First of all
1. Trusted brand
2.good taste
4.Solid advertisment
5and great value for money
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What is the Unique selling proposition for BMW company?

BMW has 3 unique selling propositions. Its brand represents  achievement and is a status symbol. BMW also has excellent customer  service and design and features that are ve

What dose unique selling point mean?

A 'unique selling point' is a feature that something has which makes it more valuable than something else that is similar to it. For example, a 'unique selling point' of a hou

How many countries sell pepsi?

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Unique selling preposition?

  The benefit that a product or service can deliver to customers that is not offered by any competitor: one of the fundamentals of effective marketing and business

An example of proposition?

all dogs are animals.

What is Nike's unique selling point?

Nike, one of the most powerful brands in the world, has a very  strong slogan. Even if you take away the logo and the brand name,  people will still think of Nike every time

What is a proposition?

A point of view worded as a statement expressing an opinion that can be defended for or against ...............................................................................

What is your unique selling point?

  the quality which distinguishes you from the competition eg Rolls Royce cars were seen as the height of luxury in cars,a symbol of great wealth,Rolex are the same for wa

What are the competitors Unique selling proposition for chocolate industry?

A unique selling proposition, is important in competitive markets.  Some of the propositions from competitors in the chocolate  industry, including M&M's with "The milk choc

What is coca colas unique selling point?

Coca Cola has set up a brand which is associated with having a good time and it is this which people buy in to.

What is meant by Unique selling point?

Unique selling point is something that is designed to save a  consumer time while they are considering buying a product or  service. This is essentially something that will