What is the value of 1959 veinte centavos coin from republic of Columbia?

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$16.38 (US Dollars)
$18.65 (Canadian Dollars)
(These are the prices of what the coin is going for on EBay.
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What is brasil 10 centavos coin value?

The value of a Brasil 10 centavo coin varies. The factors thatdetermine the worth of the coin is consistent with the coinscondition, and the year the coin was made.

Current price 1959 veinte pesos gold coin?

Assuming that you are referring to a 20 Peso gold coin from Mexico dated 1959, it is most likely that you have a restrike (only 13,000 were produced in 1959, but over 1,000,00
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What is the value of a 1957 diez centavos m coin?

Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Portugal all made a 1957 10 Centavos coin, but only Mexico used the word Diez on the coin. A 1957 Mexican 10 Centavos coin is only worth $