What is the wages paid to an employee?

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What is the federal or Alberta provincial law regarding paid sick days for wage employees?

Alberta is one of the few provinces that provides no regulations with regards to sick days. An employer in Alberta is not required to provide sick days, and the employee is no

What are the wages for cruise ship employees?

It would still depend on what your position is on the ship and how you perform your tasks and your job well. normally it would start from 1500$ to 5000$ a month depending on y

Are wages paid to an employee when a company files for Chapter 7?

Generally yes. The larger the Co the more so.. Within a few days of filing the Court will grant the approval to pay wages and whatever is vital), while the company irderly li

Why is the hourly cost of a labor for the business higher than the amount stated as wage paid to the employee?

The employers' hourly costs would include a pro rated share of any longer-term benefits paid on the employees' behalf, such as insurance, unpaid leave (which reduces employer

How much does an employer pay the government for a 1099 on wages paid a 1099 employee?

None. The employer does not have to pay the half of the Social Security Tax or Medicare Tax that they would if you were an employee. The normally also get out of paying Unempl
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What is wal-mart wages for employees?

That really depends on what state you're in and what your position is. I live in Washington State and I am a Photo Lab Sales Associate (Pay Grade 3), which makes $9.75 per hou

Lego wages of employee make?

LEGO has a large variety of associates and corporate employees. Thediversity in careers means that there is a wide range of salaries.You should be able to find most common LEG