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What is the weight of a banana in grams?

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According to the International Banana Association, an average-sized banana weighs 120 grams. I'm assuming this does not include the peel because the discussion is in the context of nutritional information.
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How many grams of sugar are in a banana?

Anywhere from 10g to 19g, depending on the size of the banana. Keep in mind these are natural sugars, so it is still a good idea to eat as much fruit as possible. There are ap

How many grams of sugar in a banana?

There are 12 G of naturally occurring sugar per every 100 G of weight which is generally the size of a small banana.

Do bananas make you gain weight?

No. Bananas do contain carbohydrates, which our bodies need but,  when eaten in excess, can lead to weight gain. Bananas also  contain, however, fiber (which makes you feel

Will banana help to gain weight?

In some cases, yes it can. Since banana's have a lot of potassium in it, then it will add some "healthy weight", making the body more fit. They are natural, unless grown with