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What is the weight of a banana in grams?

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According to the International Banana Association, an average-sized banana weighs 120 grams. I'm assuming this does not include the peel because the discussion is in the context of nutritional information.
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How many grams of sugur is in a banana?

  There are 14g of sugar in 1 medium banana.

400 grams of bananas is how many bananas?

it really doesnt have anything to do with how many bananas there are, it depends on how heavy/big the bananas are to show how heavy the bunch is. for example - once my dad had

How many bananas are 2500 grams of bananas?

If one banana weighed 60 grams then 2500 would mean ther would be 300 banana's. But if they weighed more then there would be 1021054 banana's... if you think i am wrong please