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"The fix for most people has been somewhat simple. 1. Sign out of your live account (if you are s"igned in via your xbox at the time.) 2. Log onto your XBOX acccount, go to your billing information, remove all forms of payment you have listed. 3. Re-enter your primary form of payment. Insure that the site returns you to the main account screen. If it does not, then you may get an error stating there is an authentication issue with your form of payment. If so, review your information and then retry submitting it again. 4. Sign back into XBOX Live. Everything should work now. In the event this fails, then...well, you must do the most dreaded of all things. Call XBOX Live billing support."

I have found the reason for my status code 80190848 was that my credit card had been expired. After changing information on the card i was once again able to download from xbox:)
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Xbox live status code 8015d080?

Xbox Live account has "expired" due to not signing into xbox.com for more than three months. Will need to create new gamertag. (At least that's what xbox support told me.)

On xbox what does status code 80153004 mean?

"It means that you have a fake account or you have done something that's illegal." It does not. It means a license could not be obtained for the item because the item is not

What is xbox 360 8016a04b status code?

The prepaid code you're trying to use doesn't match your account region. Some prepaid codes can only be used in select regions. Please confirm that your account region matches

What is xbox status code 80169d3a?

Basically, the X-box is trying to login via the old credit card # (rather than the code you are submitting). This can be resolved by logging into your account online and remov

When you try and buy a 40 percent gold membership off your xbox it wont let you and error code 80190848 pops up can anyone help?

"The fix for most people has been somewhat simple. 1. Sign out of your live account (if you are s"igned in via your xbox at the time.) 2. Log onto your XBOX acccount, go to yo

What is status code 80150101 on Xbox Live?

The error code is purchasing and downloading error. The error cant be fixed on your side because its a Xbox marketplace error. Sit tight and keep trying.

What does the xbox status code 038000 mean?

This error is unknown to Xbox support website. The error similar to that is a marketplace error, downloading files and other things within the marketplace.

What is d0000033 xbox status code?

Hey the same code that kept coming up for me too. This time, when it asked me to sign in I clicked on 'download a profile' and it just installed a new update. My Xbox then res

What are the Xbox Live status codes 8B050008?

The Xbox Live status code 8B050008 indicates that the console software needs updating. To do this, go to the "Settings" menu, select "System Settings" and then choose "Network

What does xbox status code 8c320008?

It means that you have either entered something wrong or xbox live manufacturers need to take a look into the status code fast because of so many complaints

What is xbox live status code 800705b4?

Xbox live status code 800705b4 means that the Xbox cannot play the selected media file. This can happen if the Xbox was not properly set up with Windows Media Player. This e