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What is three fourths times three fifths?

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It is 9/20.
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To multiple fractions multiply the numerators together and multiply the denominators together:

3/4 × 3/5 = (3×3)/(4×5) = 9/20
nine twentieth
3/4 x 3/5 = 3x3 / 4x5 = 9/20
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What is one and one fourth times three fifths?

11/4 x 3/5 = 5/4 x 3/5 Here we have changed the mixed number into a full fraction. Now you can simply multiply the nominators (top numbers) and denominators (bottom numbers

What is three and three fourths times two and four fifths?

This can be solved in two (or three) steps. 1. Convert each of the fraction to an improper fraction. 2. Multiply the numerators - put the answer into the numerator of the re

What is one and one fourth times three fifth?

The given expression is 1 ½ x 3/5. Rewrite 1 ½ as the improper fraction, which is (1 * 2 + 1) / 2 = 3 / 2. Then, we have: 3 / 2 x 3 / 5 Multiply the fractions altogether to