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Tuition is the name for the money paid to attend higher education. Typically tuition is the administrative costs (enrollment, classes, fees for insurance, legal, etc) and do not include the cost of room and board, meals, or books.
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What is tuition in state?

tuition of in state is a cheaper cost of money because it is more less of trip to go but out state is more because of travel.

What is tuition for?

    Tuition is for helping and learning for when you get older. By learning you might become a millionaire.

What is tuition remission?

Tuition remission / remittance is the setting aside responsibility of payment due for education rendered. Essentially, if a school says "We offer 100% tuition remittance," t

What is tuition scholarship?

It is a scholarship that pays for a portion or the entire amount of  a student's tuition costs.

What is tuition for guilford tech community college?

Guilford Technical Community College Jamestown, North Carolina Annual College Costs (Fall 2008) . In-state tuition and fees: $1,417 . Out-of-state tuition and fees: $7

What is tuition at Liberty University?

Tuition at Liberty University is $594 per credit hour, or $8,903 for one full-time semester (12-18 hours) for their residential program. They also offer online programs. The t

What is tuition per year at Utah university?

Go on google and type in university of Utah tution cost. Tution cost is different for everyone depending on what you are going for. What your grades are for scholarships. If y