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Volumetric density is the density based upon the volume of an object.
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What is volumetric analysis?

Volumetric relates with volume, mostly refers to gas adsorption.  After placed your samples into a sample tube, inset adsorbate gas  like N2, then your sample will adsorb th

Use of volumetric pipette?

A volumetric pipette is used to measure liquids with very high accuracy and precision.

What are the causes of reduced volumetric efficiency?

Reduction in power density. Power density is the power produced by the engine per volume unit. Reduced volumetric efficiency means that less air/fuel will be delivered to the

Uses of volumetric flask?

It is used to measure the volume of any liquid composition.

What is volumetric titration?

Titration of acid against base or vise vesa to detrmin the strenght of supplied unknown solution volumetriclly

What is a volumetric flask and how is it used?

  A volumetric flask is a piece of laboratory glassware used in analytical chemistry for the preparation of solutions. It is made of glass or plastic and consists of a fla

What is the accuracy of volumetric flask?

The accuracy depends on the volume of the flask; this accuracy is standardized in standards as ASTM, CEN, GOST, etc. For important works class A volumetric flasks, pipettes an

What is volumetric strain?

    Volumetric strain of a deformed body is defined as the ratio of the change in volume of the body to the deformation to its original volume. If V is the original vo