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Wind energy is just called wind energy.
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What is wind energy?

A large mass of air moving over the landscape represents aconsiderable amount of energy. By building devices that will spinwhen the wind blows, it is possible to harness some of that energy.Most modern wind turbines are several hundred feet high, withpropellers that have 3 blades, each one about 150 long.

How is wind energy converted into electrical energy?

When wind turns turbines, the turbines wheels turn belts, which in turn turns a generator. Inside the generator, a coil of copper spins between a couple of magnets. This creates an electrical field, which is made into DC current. The DC current passes through multiple rectifiers that convert the DC current into AC. AC is the type of current a typical household outlet uses. Then, the AC current runs to either your home or a power plant for distribution across several neighborhoods.

Why are winds called trade winds?

ANSWER: 1.in olden days cargo ships sailed with the help these prevailing winds 2.easterlies were very helpful for sailing of cargo ship

How does wind energy produce energy?

Most commonly through windmills. the wind pushes on a tilted blade causing it to rotate. A generator inside the windmill then truns the kinetic energy of the rotation into an electric current. u blow on it

How do wind turbines collect wind energy?

They turn mechanical energy into electricity. The wind impacts the turbine blades causing them to rotate. The rotating blades turn a generator which produces electricity.

How do wind turbines create energy if there is no wind?

They don't, there are brakes in the nacelle which is a part of the wind turbine. When there is no wind the brakes are on so that the rotors don't turn. In other words TURBINES DON'T MAKE ENERGY WHEN THERE IS NO WIND. They only produce power when the wind is between 14 and 28 mph.

How do you get energy from wind?

Wind energy is associated with the movement of atmospheric air which is converted into kinetic energy. This energy has been used for sailing, irrigation, and more recently for power generation.

How do you get wind energy and how is wind energy obtained?

Wind energy is obtained by placing wind turbines in high-wind areas. The rotation of the turbine spins multiple large gears which power a generator, which in turn generates 100% green energy.

How wind energy converts to mechanical energy?

by seeing how it converts from wind energy to mechanical energy ,just find it out. that's your answer my dear buddies . anything weshould think practically guys or do it with experience or do itexperimentally, ok,that my suggestion buddies , but dont do it likethis , u understand. ok, bye , sallam, vanakam , namasthae.

What do you call a structure that captures the wind and turns it into energy?

\nThese are generally called wind turbines or just wind towers. I think these are also called windmills but perhaps that term is out of favor since it seems to be in declining usage.

How do wind turbines convert wind into energy?

A wind turbine is a rotating machine which converts the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, such as a pump or grinding stones, the machine is usually called a windmill. If the mechanical energy is then converted to electricity, the machine is called a wind generator, wind turbine, wind power unit (WPU), wind energy converter (WEC), or aerogenerator.. They turn mechanical energy into electricity Most commonly through windmills. the wind pushes on a tilted blade causing it to rotate. A generator inside the windmill then turns the kinetic energy of the rotation into an electric current.

How does a wind turbine make energy from wind?

Wind contains kinetic energy. When the wind enters the turbine, the kinetic energy is converted to mechanical energy. Then the energy goes through a generator that makes it into electrical energy (electricity). In simpler terms: The wind passing the blades of the turbine spin the shaft that is connected to the generator (kinetic to mechanical energy conversion). The spinning generator produces electricity (mechanical to electric energy conversion).

How does wind energy derives its energy from the sun?

The sun heats the ground (or the sea) that warms the air above it. The air rises (and the pressure falls) and air from higher pressure areas move in. that gives wind mills something to get blown by

Wind energy is what form of energy?

Wind is an example of motion (kinetic energy). Using this kinetic energy it is possible to generate electricity. The kinetic energy of moving air initiates the force that turns a windmill's blades. It spins a drive shaft that in turn spins the shaft of a generator to make electricity. A gear box located along the drive shaft increases speed and optimizes power generation. Longer rotor blades mean a larger "rotor swept area," the total area covered by spinning blades, increasing the energy that can be captured and generating more electricity.

What kind of energy is wind energy?

Wind energy is kinetic energy, it is created by the force of air in motion.

Can wind energy be converted into energy?

Yes, kinetic energy can be converted into almost any other form of energy (if you can find the technology to do so) for example. into electric energy by using a spinning generator to produce electricity.

Why is wind energy the best energy source?

It is renewable energy source (i.e. non exhaustible). It is clean energy source (i.e. not polluting environment). However, its use has limitations of availability of sites with efficient wind speeds and not heavily populated.

Why is the wind energy the best energy?

one reason is it will never run out sadly it does not always blow but they put wind turbines in windy spots (fields, plains, etc.) places where the wind will not be blocked by something.

What is it called when you harvest wind energy?

Because a majority of land-based wind turbines are set out in open land (much of it leased from farmers) the arrays became known as "wind farms" and collecting the energy generated was popularly termed "wind farming". Wind Farms

How does the wind get energy?

Basically from the Sun. The Sun powers our weather systems, which is what makes the windsthat spins the turbines blow

How does wind energy give energy?

Power generated from the wind. The power of the wind cause windmills to turn, and that turning is used to turn generators, and the generators give off electrical energy that we can use.

Why are the great plains called the saudia Arabia of wind energy?

from Texas up through North Dakota is a region (plains) unlike anywhere else on earth, where the consistent high winds have the potential, if tapped by wind energy conversion systems (wind turbines), to produce a lot of electricity. although the term is applied relatively, in reality, the Midwest wind resource offers more energy than Saudi Arabia's 10 million barrels a day. the typical conversion is to use GGE (gallon of gas equivalent) which equals about 33 kWh. However, 10M barrels of oil equals about a million wind turbines spinning.

Wind turbines convert the wind energy into rotational energy called?

kinetic energy. wind has kinetic energy, which turns the blades of the turbine. the turbine then has kinetic energy, this is converted into electricity

How is wind energy transformed into useful energy?

Wind propels wind generators, which convert the moving energy to electricity. Another example of wind energy is seen on sailboats, which are moved by the movement of air.

What is a wind called north wind?

It is called a north wind or northern wind because it comes from the north. A south westerly wind comes from the south west etc. ! I only learned that this year.

What type of energy is wind energy?

Renewable energy. Wind energy is made by the wind it is really very simple all it is is the wind blowing wind then that electricity is drawn into a large generator which is then formed into wind energy that can power your home appliences.

Is wind energy and kinetic energy the same?

"Kinetic energy" is the energy that any mass has because of its motion. Wind energy is the kinetic energy that moving air has because of its motion.

How is wind energy transformed into kinetic energy?

The energy in the wind is kinetic, it is due to a mass of air moving at a certain speed. Wind energy is transformed into mechanical energy through the blades of the wind turbine, and the mechanical energy is then transformed into electrical energy in a generator driven by the blade axis.

Why is wind energy the energy of the future?

It will probably not be "the" energy of the future, but it is quite useful because of its inifnite renewability, minimimal harm to the environment, and reliability for energy. However it lacks in how much power it can produce and how consistent it produces it, which is where its downfall is.

How do you compare solar energy and wind energy?

Both are renewable. That's the the usual term but it's a dreadful one because energy is not "renewable". They are to all practical purposes inexhaustible instead, and they share one source: the sun's heat which then drives the weather systems.

How is wind energy used for energy?

Wind energy relies on a propeller like instrument that is moved by the wind. When the blades of it are turning it is connected either directly, or through a set of gears to a generator of some kind. So that when the wind is blowing through the propeller causing it to spin it turns the generator which produces electricity.

How is wind energy converted to electric energy?

First, wind blows onto a turbine. The turbine is shaped in a way that when air blows on it, it rotates. The number of spins usually needs to be amplified before it can power anything by a gear system that which a larger gear whice the turbine is attached to connects to the smaller gear by the teeth. This can be repeated many times. The smallest gear then connects to a dynamo. Here is how a dynamo works: Movement of another body is transmitted to a rectangular coil of wire that is inside a U-Shaped magnet. The motion of this coil of wire cuts the magnetic flux in the magnet. Faraday once stated that-whenever there is a change in magnetic flux linked with a circuit there is an induced current and the strength of this induced current is directly proportional to the rate of magnetic flux-. So according to this rule when the magnet is in motion it is constantly cutting the magnetic flux, and as it does this there is a current that is induced (eddy currents). However a dynamo can either be A.C or D.C according to the brushes and number of commutators used (Flemings Right-hand rule). If we refer back to Faraday's rule it says that the strength of this induced current is directly proportional to the rate of magnetic flux. Hoped I helped.

Why is wind energy clean energy?

Because you're not exactly damaging the "Earth" (example: Global Warming, Green House Gases) you're using the natural air to make electricity. :)

Is wind energy a conventional source of energy?

No, wind energy is a non-conventional, or unconventional source of energy. Conventional sources of energy are coal, oil, natural gas and uranium.

Is wind energy created by wind tubines?

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Wind turbines do not createenergy. They take energy from the wind and convert it intoelectrical energy.

How can you contribute in conserving energy on wind energy?

make sure you only use your lights or hair dryer on a windy day. On a windy day you are using power from the wind turbines. A better way to conserve energy would be to produce power from the sea - wave power. Its a definite source and happens regularly twice a day.

Is the wind energy same as wind turbine?

Wind energy is converted into electricity by spinning wind turbine. Any electric motor that is powered by electricity will generate electricity if you spin it yourself very fast.

Is wind energy the strongest source of energy?

The strongest source of energy in terms of Energy density (Energy per unit volume) of all the renewable sources is Biomass. Wind is a concentrated form of Solar Energy. Waves are concentrated forms of Wind Energy. There is much more energy in the sunlight that strikes the Earth than in the winds that blow.

Why is wind energy not a major energy source?

Due to current technological, economic and political issues. From a technology standpoint, wind is still not a truly value source of power. The newer systems are much better, but as far as real power they are not yet a workable solution. A typical wind turbine produces about 8% of the stated "rated" power. Variances I. Wind speed make this value unstable enough that fossil fuel plants run, on standby to support these systems. That means no real fuel savings or reduction in CO2. The hope is that someday this power source will be able to produce more power than they consume.

Why is solar and wind energy are the energy of the future?

They are regarded as (clean) renewable energy sources. The modern world is currently dependent on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas; all of which will run out in a matter of decades. Solar and wind energy sources are "endless".

Where does the wind get its energy from?

The Sun. A fraction of the suns energy heats the air. Warm air rises higher into the atmosphere and cooler, more dense, air moves in to replace it causing the wind.

Is wind energy caused by wind?

Yes. but it is rather caused by the the force and the direction of the wind.

What is energy from wind called?

The conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy is called the WIND... ENERGY. Have to add the ellipsis for it to work.

Why is wind energy described as clean energy?

Wind energy is considered as clean energy from the view point that wind power plants do not emit in the course of power production pollutants to the environment as carbon oxides, sulfur oxides, ashes, heavy metals, ... etc. However, wind energy is not 100% clean through the full wind power plant cycle length from the manufacturing of wind power plants components; their transport to site, maintenance, ..., until decommissioning.

What do you call a structure that turns wind into energy?

A windmill was a structure that used wind to power a mill (or sometimes to pump water), and a wind turbine is a structure that uses wind to create electrical power.

How does wind energy affect wind turbines?

It makes them turn, like a windmill, and this kinetic energy is used to make electrical energy.

What energy is there in wind?

Wind energy is kinetic energy, the energy of the moving air. The original source is the Sun. The sun powers our weatherpatterns, which is what make the air that spins the turbinesmove.

Why is wind energy called solar energy?

Wind energy is not called solar energy. Solar energy is the energy from the sun, while wind energy is just wind energy.

What is wind energy-?

Wind energy is a form of energy conversion in which turbinesconvert the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical or electricalenergy that can be used for power.

Why is energy from the sun and wind called renweable energy?

It is classed as a renewable source of energy because the sunshines during the day (even under an overcast sky) and the windblows on most days.