What jobs can you get with an associate degree in Human Services?

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Some jobs you might get with an associate's degree in human services are:

Case Management aide
Social Work Assistant
Community Support Worker
Mental Health Aide
Community Outreach Worker
Life Skills Counselor
Social Services Aide
Youth Worker
Client Advocate Aide
Gerontology Aide
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How easy is get a job with an Associates Degree in Chemistry?

It would be very easy to get a job but it probably won't be doing anything with chemistry. Most chemistry jobs require at least a masters or doctorate. You might be able to find work as a lab assistant doing menial tasks but without an advanced degree it is next to impossible to find work in the fie (MORE)

What kind of job can you get with an associate degree in human resources management?

\nNot trying to be a wise one here, but unless your associate degree is in a vocation that takes a relatively high degree of skill, such as welding, an associate's degree is a mere shoe-in to telemarketing or department store work. I know at least a half-dozen folks with bachelor's degrees in marke (MORE)

What jobs can you get with an associates degree in nursing?

With your Associates Degree in Nursing, you can work as a Registered Nurse in a hospital, in a doctors office, nursing home, be a school nurse, etc. Most go work in hospitals first, because they get valuable experience there. Nurses are in high demand, so you shouldn't have a problem findin (MORE)

What jobs can someone get with an associates degree in computers?

Answer . Send your resume to agencies that deal directly in IT. Manpower has a professional division that does just that. Since they have limited locations they cover a great deal of territory. To send them your resume, visit www.manpower.com and choose your country. There are of course MANY (MORE)

What jobs are available if you have an associates degree in accounting?

Answer . \nIt depends on what kind of accounting job that you want. You can get an associates degree in Accounting ( two years of education)... or you can get a bachelors degree (four years), masters degree (six years)... so on and so forth... the more education, the more money you will make.

What kind of jobs can you get with an Associate of Arts degree?

You can not apply for a job in the High School range, with a bachelors degree. But you can apply for an Art assistant job or subbing job in any public grade school. You can only apply at certain Catholic Grade schools. For any more information visit- (http://jobs.com). But this all depends if your d (MORE)

What jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree in human services?

Answer . In New England, there are quite a few jobs available for mental/behavioral health counselors, specifically residential counselors working in group homes and crisis centers. Also many non-prfit MH agencies are happy to employ counselors with only BA/BS's, and you might find companies tha (MORE)

What kind of job can you get with an associate of science degree?

The typical answer applies: It depends. However, generally, it will open more doors for you than having not having an associate's degree. Associate degrees more often seem to be preparatory for a terminal degree. For example, an associates in education may be useful for most students only for access (MORE)

What kind of jobs can you get with an associates of science degree?

It depends on the field. Chemistry AS can lead to a decent lab job or even in industry. Recently new graduates in any field have needed excellent grades and work experience to distinguish themselves, even those graduating in nursing, police/justice, and accounting have been struggling to find wor (MORE)

What jobs can you get with an associates degree in computer programming?

Wondering the same, wish someone would answer. With associate degree in computer programming you can get an entry-level programming job in a fairly short amount of time. It can also be used as a stepping stone to a bachelors degree in a technology field. Associate degree in computer programming (MORE)

What jobs does an associates degree in anthropology prepare you for?

Getting an associates in Anthropology should take 2 years, the same as any associates degree. However, because you will not select an area to focus on (Linguistics, Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology or Archaeology) until you begin work on your bachelors degree, an associates degree will p (MORE)

What kind of jobs can you get with an associate degree in communications?

What kind of jobs or career can you get with an associate degree in communications?. there are many, MANY jobs in the telecommunications field.. common ones include customer service representatives, network administrators, line installers/repairers, network managers, network designers, network eng (MORE)

What is the job of department of health and human services?

One of the largest federal agencies, the Department of Health and Human Services is the principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans. Comprising 12 operating divisions, HHS' responsibilities include public health, biomedical research, Medicare and Medicaid, welfare, social services, a (MORE)

What jobs can you get with a Bachelor's degree in humanities?

Humanities degree graduates have a wealth of skills that are desirable to many different types of employers. During the course of their studies, Humanities students learn a great deal about many topics, improve their writing skills, learn to work on deadlines, learn the finer points of rhetorical ar (MORE)

What is a human services degree?

A human services degree will give you the necessary skills neededto do your job. Human service professionals help individuals orgroups of people deal with stress and help to make lives better.You can get a bachelors or an associate degree in this field.

What kind of jobs can you really get with an associate's degree in Human Services it seems like you need a Bachlors for anything worth wild and what is the pay scale for the associates degree job?

Salary, earning potential, and marketability are not only determined by the type of field you are in and the degree you possess. It depends on your position within that field, the institution you work for, your experience, expertise, personal abilities, critical thinking skills, problem solving abil (MORE)

What kind of job can you with a human relations degree?

That depends on your initiative. You could seek employment with the FBI, CIA, DHS. You could seek employment working in a Human resources department. You could be a Case manager or Case Worker for a social services agency or organization. You could be an LCDC (if you have the required hours). You co (MORE)

What job can you get with associate degree in theater?

I earned a A.A. in Speech and Theater at a community college, however just an associate degree will not open many job opportunities. It does looks good on a resume. I'm now pursing/finishing up my degree in Theatre Education at Austin Peay State University. Once I graduate I will be able to teach in (MORE)

What jobs can you get with a associates exercise science degree?

You can work as a Cardiac Rehabilitation Assistant, work amongst Physical Therapists, rehabbing clients who have musculoskeletal injuries by putting them through strength training programs, become a health and fitness counselor at a wellness center, and the most obvious, a personal trainer at a corp (MORE)

How many credits is needed for associate degree in Financial Services?

The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college, and provided the student does not require prerequisite coursework as a result of basic skills testing. There are some programs of study that may (MORE)

How long does it take to get a degree in human services?

A bachelor's degree in most areas can require between 120 to 128 college credits particular to a specific program of study. This would be based on a college or university that operates on a regular two semester academic year which is the most common. For institutions that operate on a tri-semester (MORE)

To get a job in the social work field which degree would be more beneficial a bachelor of applied science in human services or a bachelor of science family studies and human development?

If you career objective is social work, then your major should be social work. The minimum requirement for this field is a bachelor's degree in social work. However, many positions within the field require a higher degree (master's or doctorate in social work). Many colleges and universities offer a (MORE)

What job can you start out at in HR with your associates degree?

An associate's degree may not qualify you for a job in HR immediately after graduation unless you have experience as a HR professional. You will be able to become a record keeper or get an administrative job though if you do not have any prior HR experience.

What are human service assistant jobs?

These jobs are for people who help out social workers, health care workers, and other professional workers with providing services to people. There are many different jobs that fall under this title.

What is the abbreviation for an associate's degree in Human Services?

Answer 1: Associates degrees come in three flavors: An Associate of Arts (AA), and an Associate of Science (AS), and an Associate of Applied Science (AAS). Stay away from the AAS degrees, though, because they typically contain much less "Lower Division General Education" (LDGE) than AA (MORE)

What kind of jobs can you get with Associates degree AA?

There really isn't an answer for this, because you couldpotentially become CEO of a company with an AA degree ... if yourfather is the Chairman of the Board. An AA degree is, to put it colloquially, not much of a degree, butit does prove you have some amount of training in a particularfield (so it' (MORE)

What jobs can I get with an associates degree in physics?

There are almost no jobs in any scientific field that you can getwith just an associates degree, generally you need at least amasters degree to get these jobs. Perhaps you could qualify to work as an equipment maintenancetechnician in a scientific lab. You would not be doing any"science", just kee (MORE)