What kind of cigarettes does sons of anarchy?

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American Spirits. You can tell by the eagle stamp on the side of the cigarette. The idiot who wrote "Marlboro Reds" and the 39 people who found that useful don't smoke. Then again good for them. I used American Spirits to quit smoking, tops shelf smokes.
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What kind of car does Tara drive in the Sons of Anarchy?

In episode 12 of season 2 Gemma and Tara are out running errandsfor the club, after being on lock down at the club house. Gemmaasks if Taras dad was catholic after noticing a

What kind of shoe does jax wear on sons of anarchy?

They are Nike Air Force Ones. This wardrobe decision seems to beinfluenced by the fact that a lifelong biker like Jax would chooseshoes for comfort rather than style (sneakers