What kind of headphones can you use with iPhone?

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Ive just bought some Sony DR-BT22iK bluetooth wireless headphones for the ipod, and they work brilliantly with the iphone. You get headphones, a dongle, and headphone charger in the kit. You also get a decent roaming distance range. You can watch your films as well as just listen to your music. It also has rewind/pause function on the earpiece, as well as incoming call function with built in mic. They fold up neatly enough to fit into your pocket. Or you could just use the same ones that you use for an ipod they fit into the iphone, if you don't currently own a pair then buy them at the Apple store or at your local electronics store. The iphone works with almost any headphones so you won't have any problems with buying headphones for your iphone.
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Do headphones come with the new Apple iPhones?

Yes they do: \n. Stereo Headset . Superior sound quality and fit, featuring a microphone with a windscreen and a control button.. If you need to know what all eles come

Does the iPhone use the same headphones as an iPod?

There is a special set of Earbud heaphones that come with the iPhone. Where the wire branches off into two wires for the individual earbuds themselves, there is a plastic peic