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What kind of matter is orange juice?

I'm not completely sure about what kind of matter orange juice is, but I'm pretty sure that orange juice is a mixture. I hope i helped you with my answer. It could be wrong, but i think orange juice is a mixture!

The 2 kinds of matter?

I don't know about KINDS of matter, but there are three STATES: 1. Solid (ex. ice cube) 2. Liquid (ex. water, as in a lake, ocean, puddle, etc.) 3. Gaseous (ex. water vapor in the atmosphere) they discovered a fourth, plasma, it is kind of like a mix of gas and liquid

How many kinds of matter are there?

If you mean how many different atomic elements there are, there are 118 known elements, 92 of which are observed to occur naturally and the rest have only been observed in laboratories. If you mean how many different phases a matter can have, there are 4: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. If you mean how many types of combinations there is: elements, molecule, suspension, compound, colloid, mixture, solution, etc.

Is solubility a property of matter?

Solubility is a physical property of matter. This is the process inwhich two separate states of matter can be perfectly combined tocreate an entirely new type of matter.

What is a Very small bit of matter?

a very small bit of matter is called a particle it is common in chemistry

Is chalk very soluble in hot water?

No , it is not. Chalk is calcite - calcium carbonate (CaCO 3 ), and it won't dissolve in water.

What are the four kinds of matter and meaning?

The four kinds of matter are: (They are listed in the amount of energy they contain) -Solid -Liquid -Gas -Plasma Matter is what makes up everything from your average cat to the sun, to the very universe that we live in. Matter can also be classified as two mixtures Hetrogenius Mixtures and Homogenius Mixtures (P.s. i think i mispelled genius ) Matter / \ Hetrogenius Homogenius Everything in life and everything anywhere possible ever. Is matter, It is either a Solid, Liquid, Gas, Or a plasma. AND a Hetrogenius or Homogenius Mixture Ex. Milk falls under the category of Milk is a Liquid and a Homogenius mixture. Homogenius means that if you took 2 samples, they would contain the same exact thing. Hetro means the opposite of that. ( If you look on a chocolate milk label, It should say Homogenized. Which means that one sample is what the whole container is made of ) So.. Can you guess what bread is? Solid - Hetrogenius For the most part, Liquids are mostly homogenius, Unless it is pure, like a river, You have no idea what the whole river contains.

What is the 3 kinds of matter?

There are 4 accually. The 3 basic ones (The ones you learn in Elementary School) Are: -Solid -Liquid -Gas The fourth one is advanced and it is a state of matter. It is: -Plasma. __________________________________________________________________ :) hope I helped.

Can you see all kinds of matter?

No, there is something called "dark matter." We can't see it and scientists don't know what it is, but it makes up about 80% of the universe.

What kinds of matter are composed of atoms?

Matter is everything, Matter is atoms. Atoms are the fundamental parts of matter. Matter is atoms, sometimes combined with others.

All matter is made of very tiny what?

All matter to our understanding is made of very small things calledatoms. These are neutral in charge with a nucleus containingprotons and neutrons and outside there is electrons. These particles can further be split into things such as quarks.There includes many types of these and are strange quark, up quark,down quark, charm quark, bottom quark, and top quark. These allhave values associated with them such as spin and charge.

5 kinds of matter?

I never heard of a fifth kind of matter, I only know the 3 basic ones and the 4th one. -Solid -Liquid -Gas -Plasma Unless you meant to hit 4 instead of 5, You are trippin' imo :) 2nd Answer: The 'missing' kind of matter is 'filament or filamental matter'. This is similar to plasma, but the molecules travel only in one direction, even if that is away from a center of gravity.

What kind of matter has a shape of its own?

Solids are the type of matter with contain their own shape. Liquids take the shape of the container they are in and gasses fill their container, so therefore, solids are the type of matter which have a shape of their own.

What kind of matter is copper?

The kind of matter is Element I hope this is the kind of answer your looking for C:

What kind of organelle would you expect to find very abundant in liver cells that are engaged in detoxifying lipid-soluble drugs?

The kind of organelle that is very abundant in liver cells is the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), specifically the smooth ER. It is found in the hepatocytes of the liver that detoxifies lipid-soluble drugs.

2 kinds of matter?

the two kinds of matter is the solid,liquid and these are the 1 more matter its gas

What is a very small piece of matter?

Small matter, this can be answered depending on how you look at it, originally atoms were named because they were believed to be the smallest particle of matter and cannot be split anymore but scientists now know that subatomic particles exist such as quarks. They and others are building blocks of matter. http://www.nyu.edu/pages/mathmol/textbook/atoms.htmlA particle is a very small piece of matter. Particles are part ofatoms. Atoms are the smallest unit of all substances.

Special kinds of matter?

The principal states of matter are: solid, liquid, gas, plasma. But today science recognize many other types: see the link below.

What is two kinds of matter?

matter is any thing that occupies space and has weight. It can be of three types : 1. SOLID 2.LIQUID 3.GASIOUS A NEW TYPE OF MATTER CALLED PLASMA HAS BEEN DISCOVERED.

Does it matter what kind of PS3 you buy?

Yes the new ones come with a warranty and that provides protection for any problems over the first year. Purchase of a used PS3 is a risky venture without much protection and very little real savings.

Why isn't pentanol ch3ch2ch2ch2ch2oh very soluble in water?

Even though pentanol is polar, thereby being soluble in water, it's solubility is limited due to the fact that its polarity is relatively low compared to methanol (CH3OH). The polarity comes from the -OH group, which is not the majority of the molecule making it less soluble than methanol, ethanol, propanol, and butanol in which the -OH group makes up more of the molecule.

How many kinds of matter?

Plasma Gas Liquid Solid Super Solid Super liquid neutronium singularity (may be some quantum state we don't know about yet) Dark Matter (Theoretical) Neutrinos Electrons Protons (Hydrogen ion)

What problems might there be if oxygen was very soluble in water?

If oxygen is very soluble in water, it means that the temperatureis high. This causes problems because it accelerates plant growthand decay, which can increase fish diseases.

What evidence did you observe that oxygen is not very soluble in water?

Oxygen will bubble right out of water with very little of it dissolving (unless there's a lot of pressure involved) because diatomic oxygen is non-polar and water is polar.

Why is sugar very soluble in water?

sugar is soluble in water because it is a polar molecule. water is also a polar molecule... a simple way to remember if a solute will dissolve in a solvent is "like dissolves like" so polar water will dissolve polar molecules... nonpolar substances will dissolve other nonpolar substances

Why are density and solubility size independent properties of matter?

Dependant and independent properties refer to wether or not they change depending on how much of it you have. Dependent properties will change based on amount of stuff. Some examples of dependent properties are mass (if you have more of it it will weigh more) and volume (if you have more of it it will take up more space). Independent properties will not change based on amount. As you mentioned density, if you have 1 gram of something it will have the same density as 1000 grams of the same thing which will have the same density as 10000000 kilograms of the same thing. Similar to solubility, solubility refers to how much of something will disolve in something else (normally on a % basis or mass per volume). So no matter how much of the substance you have, you can only disolve x grams per liter.

What does the terms soluble very soluble sparingly soluble insoluble mean?

how well something dissolves. Ya basically it means how well it dissolves in water. Of course very soluble means it easily dissolves and insoluble means it doesn't dissolve in water.

Why is ammonia gas very soluble in water?

It is highly water soluble (hydrophillic) related to it's polarity. It is a polar molecule, meaning it has a partial negative and a partial positive side, and therefore the negative portion of ammonia (Nitrogen) would attract the positive portion of of water (hydrogen), and the positive portion of ammonia (hydrogen) would attract the negative portion of water (oxygen).

Why is solubility a characteristic property of matter?

Solubility is the property of a liquid, solid, or gaseous chemical matter known as a solute to dissolve in a solid, liquid, or gaseous solvent. Solubility is also frequently said to be one of the distinctive properties of a substance. (: good luck!

The two kinds of matter?

There are four, not two, they are: Liquid Solid Gas Plasma. An then there is the super-solid where hyper-cooled crystals begin to absorb energy into higher energy states without a corresponding increase of temperature.

Why is sodium chloride very soluble in water but not very soluble in gasoline?

Sodium Chloride is an ionic compound and ha a high hydration energy. Hence, it is highly soluble in polar solvents like water, But it is not very soluble in gasoline since gasoline is a non-polar solvent.

Why NaCl is very soluble but not CaO is only slightly soluble in water?

Its all to do with enthlapy and entropy. Anything which is soluble usually has a negative standard enthlapyof solution - the energy involved when 1 mole of solute dissolvesin a solvent to give an infinately dilute solution. However, NaClhas a slightly positive enthalpy of solution, yet it dissolves. The reason for this is entropy - the change in the amount ofdisorder. When NaCl dissolves in solution, there is more chaos,more molecules within the solution. Any process that has a largepositive entropy change will be favourable - spontaneous and canoccur (reaction will 'go'). However, with CaO, the Ca2+ formed in solution has a high affinity(attraction to) for water molecules, hence a lot of water moleculesare arranged orderly - less chaos and hence a negative entropy.This should in effect make the compound insoluble, however, theslight solubility is due to it still having a negative enthalpychange of solution - hence despite entropy it is still slightlysoluble. (You may be asking how is dissolving CaO possible if entropy isnegative? The entropy of the system maybe negative, but the entropyof the surroundings is positive (dissolving gives out heat -exothermic), hence the overall entropy (sum of both entropies) ispositive and the reaction will 'go'. .

What kind of matter is steel?

It is an alloy, meaning it's a mix of two or more metals, of Iron (Fe) and between 0.2% to 2.1% Carbon (C) content. Sometimes other elements instead of carbon are used for the doping as well. When Iron is doped with Carbon, they become stronger and harder but also more brittle. Extremely high carbon steel can break like glass, while extremely low carbon steel would bend under stress. Metalsmiths alter the Carbon content of Iron so that a balance between strength and brittleness is achieved for their purpose; high quality knife/sword often has different Carbon content in different points, usually they have a lower carbon core (so it can bend without breaking into two) with a higher Carbon edge (so they can stay sharp).

What kinds of things are not matter?

stuff such as sound and light, as sound and light has no volume nor mass.

What is matter and what are kinds of matter?

matter is anything that takes up space and kinds of matter are tables, apples, water, steam, etc., but imaginary things arent matter like thoughts or dreams neither is heat or light or sound so there u go

Why does it matter if you know which vitamins are fat and water soluble?

well, the water soluble vitamins you pee out if you take in an excess of them. Fat soluble vitamins get stored in your fat and need some fat to use them as a carrier to get to your cells.. The use of monounsaturated fats is healthy for you and will improve your health whereas, saturated fats will add to the decline of your health. from the "resourcelady@gmail.com"

What kind of state of matter is steam?

It is a gas, assuming you are talking about dry steam. If it is wet steam, it is both a gas and a liquid.

What kind of matter is a black hole?

Black holes are not matter, they are created by immensly dense matter folding and twisting the fabric of space time. Imagine a rubber sheet with a very very heavy ball in the middle. Or those coin donation vortex things you see in the mall.

What kind of matter is ice cube?

Solid, because it is solidified which means its structural molecules are already compact. Please contact me if you have questions with regards to my answer. Thank you!

Why is ferrite very low solubility of carbon while austenite has high solubility of carbon?

it is a solid solution of carbon and iron. The carbon present is only .02% ,solubility of carbon in alfa-iron is .02%.It is pure iron at room temperatue.It has BCC structure.The inter atomic space are very small,thus spherical carbon atoms can not be accommodated in irons atoms.That is why solubilities of carbon is very less.The maximum solubility is .0218% at 727 C at room temperature the solubility is only .008%

What kind of matter is a smoke?

Smoke is a complex aerosol: solids in gas dispersion, liquids in gas dispersion and also gases.

What are the 2 kinds of homogeneous matter?

The 2 kinds of homogeneous matter, better known as pure substances, are elements and compounds.

What kind of matter is cement?

Ordinary builders cement is made from limestone roasted to drive off the water component, and the CO3 component also. To the material is also added diatomaceous earth (effectively a finely-divided silica SiO2), and some gypsum (CaSO4). After roasting, the material is ground finely. In use, the highly reactive chemicals; the CaO, the SiO2, and the CaSO4; all interact and form complex chemical crystals, which take several days to form useful structures. Indeed, 28 days is a realistic minimum period for high strength concrete to be kept moist before it is allowed to dry. These chemical processes may be speeded up in manufactured concrete products (concrete blocks and pipes) by steam curing, and in these products, care is taken to minimise the amount of water entrained. Otherwise, when the water eventually evaporates, it leaves minute voids which weaken the concrete.

Why is solubility of AgCl in AgNO3 is very low?

solubility of an ionic compound decreases in the presence of a common ion. A common ion in the solution, that is common to the ionic compound being dissolved. for example the silver ion in silver nitrate solution is common to the silver in silver chloride. the presence of a common ion must be taken into accounts when determining the solubility of an ionic compounds.

Is the simplest kind of matter invisible?

It depends what you mean by simplest. If you mean the smallest forms of matter, they are microscopic not invisible. If you mean basic components of matter such as quarks, atoms, molecules and so on, the answer is again that they are subatomic to microscopic in size and so not able to be seen without aid, yet not invisible. The only things that are truly invisible neither absorb nor scatter light, and therefore we can not see them in the visible light spectrum, like dark matter.

Is wind a kind of matter?

Wind is energy in the form of moving air. Almost all wind is created by differences in temperature that form air masses of various pressure. Cold air generally has higher pressure (more molecules per volume) and will gravitationally displace warmer air.

What kind of matter is electricity?

Electricity is the movement of electrons. In metals, which are good conducters of electricity, electrons are "delocalised", which means that they are not held tightly by the nuclei of the metal's atoms, and are free to flow from the negative end of, say, a circuit with a metal wire, to the positive end.

What kind of matter is a snowmen?

its a giant white person who walks about thinking he is black even though hes white because hes a snowman

Why particles of matter very very small?

We don't know. That is, there's no fundamental reason they would have to be small on an absolute scale, but the fact that we're made of them does kind of imply that they would almost have to be small relative to us.

What kind of matter is the sugar granules?

Sugar granules are crystals and lie in the category of solids. Yes, they are matter.