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What language does the band Sigur Ros sing in?

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Most of the lyrics are in Icelandic. I think there are a few songs in English, but that may be incorrect, and some song names are in English, or use English orthography to spell the somewhat gibberish name.

A large portion of some songs, and a number of songs are also in Vonlenska. It takes its name from Von, a song on Sigur Rós's debut album Von where it was first used, Vonlenska indirectly translates to Hopelandic.

It isn't actually a language, as it lacks grammar, word meaning, and even distinct words. Instead Vonlenska uses the melodic and rhythmic elements of singing without the conceptual content of language, in other terms; Vonlenska is just humming, along with making sounds that sound like words but are actually just gibberish. The band's website describes it as "a form of gibberish vocals that fits to the music".
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