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What language is the word caterwaul derived from?

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This is a Middle English word, and derives from an imitation of the cat itself.
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What is a caterwaul?

A shrill howling or wailing noise.

Which language derived the word scholar?

Old English scolere "student," from Middle Latin scholaris , from Late Latin scholaris "of a school," from Latin schola school ~5th. century.

Which language derived the word razor?

The word "razor" is from Old French, from a word meaning "to scrape, shave." It is from the late 13th century. Please see the related link below.

Sin word derived from which language?

"Sin" is a word that appears in many languages of Germanic origin. Some scholars think it my be an early borrowing of the Latin word sons , meaning "guilty", but others deriv

What language is the word sarge derived from?

"Sarge" (short for "sergeant") is derived from Latin by way of French. The word appeared in Latin as servientem (the accusative of serviens , "serving" from the Latin verb
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What language did the word stomach derive from?

The word stomach is derived from the Latin stomachus which is derived from the Greek word stomachos , ultimately from stoma (στόμα), "mouth". The words