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What license do you need to sell long term care insurance in Florida?

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In Florida you would need a 2-14 or 2-15 license.
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Can you get long term care insurance at age 68?

Yes, you can still get long-term care insurance at age 68, however, the premiums you are going to pay will be more expensive compared to someone who got it in a younger age, s

Are long term care insurance premiums tax deductible?

Yes, it is. Long term care insurance premiums are tax deductible. Premium payments are considered to be medical expenses and they are deductible as long as the medical expense

Do you need a license to sell pet insurance in Florida?

Yes, you need a license to sell pet insurance in Florida. You can  contact the local insurance commission to find out about the  requirements.

What license is needed to sell life insurance in Texas?

If you wish to sell life insurance in the state of Texas, you'll be required to get a Texas Life and Health Insurance License. To obtain the license, you will need to pass fir

What is nonparticipating policy in long term care insurance?

Consider this situation: if the cost, in a nursing facility for  example, exceeds on the agreed policy, the insurance company will  assume the difference without asking the

When does long-term care insurance begin?

Long-term care insurance benefits start to kick-in when you're no  longer able to do two out of the six Activities of Daily Living  (ADLs). These are eating, walking, bathin

Is Long term care insurance necessary?

Studies show that 70% of Americans will need long term care services at some point in their lives. Medicare and medicate don't cover most the costs associated with long term c

What is long term care insurance?

Unlike medical insurance, long-term care insurance can cover all  the assistance you would need if you had a chronic or debilitating  illness. If you're unable to care for y

How do you get a Florida Insurance License?

Depending on the license, sales or adjusting, you may be able to take a designation course that will excuse you from the state licensing test. The adjuster licenses, 5-20 Inde

Does long term care insurance pay for assisted living care?

Long term care insurance offers a wide range and variety of services. Depending on the policy you choose, your long term care insurance may pay not only for assisted living bu