What makes a glow stick glow?

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A glow stick glows as the result of the chemical reaction between two liquids - the 'oxilate' typically trichloro-6-carbonpentoxyphenyl and phenylethynyl.

The chemical reaction for this kind of heatless light happens when you mix multiple chemical compounds. When you combine two or more compounds, the atoms may rearrange themselves to form new compounds. Depending on the nature of these compounds, this chemical reaction will cause either a release of energy or absorption of energy.

We know that we can activate a glow stick by bending and then shaking it. When you bend it, a very fragile glass vial inside of it breaks and releases the chemical inside (hydrogen peroxide) to mix with the other substance (phenyl oxlate ester).

When the two compounds are allowed to mix, they go through a chemical reaction (oxidation), which makes a different, unstable chemical, called peroxyacid ester. This new unstable substance decomposes into a different compound, (phenol and a cyclic peroxy compound) and then to carbon dioxide. The energy caused by the decomposition makes the particles in the fluorescent dye move faster and this creates light. The color of the fluorescent dye determines what color the light will be. The process by which this happens is called chemiluminescence.
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What makes glow stick chemicals react?

The two chemicals in glow sticks are hydrogen peroxide and phenyl oxalate ester. . The chemical reaction for this kind of heatless light happens when you mix multiple chemical compounds. When you combine two or more compounds, the atoms may rearrange themselves to form new compounds. Depending on t (MORE)

When do glow sticks stop glowing?

A glow stick stops glowing after the chemical reaction releases all of its energy. Specifically, after about one or two days. Below is a more detailed explanation of the chemical reactions taking place.. The chemical reaction for this kind of heatless light happens when you mix multiple chemical co (MORE)

What makes a glow worm glow?

Glowworm , or glow worm , is the common name for various different groups of insect larvae and adult larviform females that glow through bioluminescence. They may sometimes resemble worms, but all are insects ( Arachnocampa and Orfelia being flies and all the others being beetles).

Is neon used to make glow sticks?

No a glow stick contains two chemicals and a suitable fluorescent dye (sensitizer, or fluorophor). The chemicals in the glass vial are a mixture of the dye and diphenyl oxalate.

Where can you get a glow stick?

You get them in Early Poptropica island, then you go right, then you go down the well and you jump to the top left ledge! Hope I helped you a bit!

How do you keep glow sticks glowing?

When I want to use my glow sticks again once they've gone out, I just dip them in hot water for about 30 seconds or longer - just until they are glowing again.

How long does a glow stick glow?

Glow sticks can last over 4 days if you get the right ones. It usually depends on the colour and size of your glow stick. To make the glow stick last longer throw it in the fridge freezer to slow the chemical reaction down.

How do you carry the glow stick on Poptropica?

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How thick is the glass in glow sticks?

Obviously it is not that thick. The vile inside breaks when you bend a glow stick. Therefore, the vile is very fragile and thin, so it is easy to break.

What is the effect of temperature on glow sticks?

The warmer conditions the glow stick is in the brighter it will light up but for a short amount of time . However, on low temperature conditions the glow stick will light up for a longer time period but it will not light up as bright

What was the original purpose of the glow stick?

the original purpose of glow sticks was to just create light because At the time it was quite a remarkable achievement because either electrical mains or battery were the energy sources for most light producing devices. so when glow sticks were created; something that provides light without the use (MORE)

Do glow sticks glow forever once you make them glow?

No, glow sticks don't last forever. They have a limited life, and it will depend on the stick. Some last for a few minutes, and others last many hours. Size, construction, chemical composition and temperature will generally set the length of life.

Why do you have to snap a glow stick for it to glow?

They contain chemicals, some of which are in a fragile glass (or possibly brittle plastic) container to keep them separated. When you snap the stick, the internal container breaks and allows the chemicals to mix, starting the reaction that produces the light.

Are the minions Despicable Me glow sticks?

Well yes! They also serve other purposes like testing Gru's anti-gravity potion, running errands, testing errands, going on missions with Gru, and being a glow stick! Very funny

What is the stuff inside glow sticks?

there are two tubes inside a glow stick, the plastic one which you bend and the small glass one inside. the large plastic one has hydrogen peroxide, and the small glass tube has the neon dye and diphenyl oxalate

What is a good price for glow sticks?

Glow Sticks come in a range of prices depending on size, shape, and colors, and quantity in each pack. The best deals I've found are 40cents per each Glow Stick. If you are ordering online, remember to include the costs of shipping when you are comparing prices!

Are glow sticks made with water?

There is no water used in the making of a standard glow stick, it is simply a chemical reaction between two chemicals. Water can however be used to make a glow stick brighter.

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How do you get out glow sticks?

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What is the glowing liquid in glow sticks?

A glowstick is constructed using a translucent plastic container holding two solutions, one of which is contained inside a glass capsule. The solution outside the capsule is a solution of phenyl oxalate and fluorescent dye. The capsule contains a hydrogen dioxide solution. Upon breaking the capsule (MORE)

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