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What materials does not melt?

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Many materials are thermally decomposed before melting.
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How do you remove melted plastic from material?

Answer   One time I used a sheet of paper and an iron. Lay the sheet of paper over it and take a hot iron and put over the paper. It will melt the plastic and it will sti

What materials melt?

you can melt ice, chocolate, rubber, glass, metal, cheese, fat, wax, butter, icing, sugar and lots more items!

Which material has the highest melting point?

Currently the record-holder is tantalum hafnium carbide (Ta4HfC5), a refractory compound with a melting point of 4488 K (4215 °C, 7619 °F)

What are some materials for melting chocolate?

Usually a double boiler is used to melt chocolate - at least in home and professional kitchens. There are also tempering machines for chocolate as well - to make sure the prod

What materials keep from melting the longest?

  Materials that retain their strength at high temperatures are called "refractory". Pure carbon compounds -- graphite, carbon fibers, but alas, not diamonds -- stay sol

What materials stop ice from melting?

Ice (water in the solid state) will melt when its surface temperature reaches 0 degrees Celcius/32 degrees Fahrenheidt. If the ice is not pure, the melting point can be lower.

What minerals form from melted materials?

ALL minerals crystallise from molten materials. Magma consists of minerals. It is easy to believe that all magma is the same, but magmas are as different as rocks.