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What might cause numbness in the front of the leg and back pain?

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psyatica.....or cyatica or anything that sounds remotely like my spelling.......lets do it phonetically........SY-AT-I-CA................
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Can sciatica pain just cause pain numbness in the upper front leg from waist to knee?

No, generally sciatica would be pain radiating from the lower back, usually on one side or the other. This pain would radiate to the buttocks or down the back of the leg and n

Can Vyvanse cause leg pain and numbness?

  Maybe... Im having the same experiance.. Im on 30mg day, for about 3 weeks.. All of a sudden, numbness (cold) in my left arm and leg... I dont know if its just because I

What can cause lower right back pain with leg and foot going numb?

A lumbar hernia is one of several   possibilities. Many people experience lower right back pain with leg numbness that is   caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve,

What is causing the pain from your back and down your leg?

  Pain in the lower back or buttocks that radiates downward on one or both legs is Sciatic (pronounced "sigh-at-ick") nerve pain. It can come on suddenly and generally cau

Can anxiety cause back and leg pain?

Yes! Anxiety and depression can cause so many things to happen to your body-the mental symptoms turn into physical ones, sometimes.

What causes lower back and leg pain?

Some people get get pain in their lower back and leg because of a problem with a nerve / nerve root. Some conditions that include symptoms like this are Herniated Disc, Nerve

Pain in lower back radiating down left leg leg very painful numbness in foot and pins and needles?

WOW!!!!!!had the same problem!!!! I'm only 20 years old and had a L5 S1 fusion!!!!   your sciatica nerve is pinched which means your disc is bulged/ herniated. go to a p

What would cause numbness in lower right leg with no pain?

Many things can cause this from setting or sleeping wrong, to low back problems. Pinching of the Sciatic Nerve is another common cause of numbness. Then there's the possibilit

What causes numbness in lower back and legs?

numbness can be caused by a variety of things including diabetes and also herniated disc in the spine, the best thing to do is to consult with your doctor. ..............Leg
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What causes numbness in front of lower leg?

Its probably low blood circulation, where your leg is completely/mildly cut out of blood. If you sit down to much, it could occur, and sometimes when you stand up, you might g