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What military and political restrictions were placed on Germany and Japan after the war?

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They are not allowed any nuclear weapons
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Do Japan and Germany have a military today or were they stripped of their right to have a military after World War 2 and do we have our troops there?

Both countries have modern military technology and large well funded militaries. Both have been involved in military actions all over the world. Since the end of the Cold Wa

What military restrictions did the Treaty of Versailles impose on Germany?

The restrictions were: German army reduced to 100,000 men. No submarines. The Rhineland was to be de-militarised and occupied by the Allies for 15 years. Manufacture, import a

Why did Germany have military success in the beginning of the war?

They had military success in the beginning because they had the most advanced weapons (until the allies were inventing better weapons), and had a new style of bombing. Most co

How were the political conditions in Germany and Japan similar after world war 2?

Hmmm...this isn't the most reliable information but the relationship between Germany and Japan simply was a cold-blooded alliance. Germany wanted the Japs to help them defeat

Why did the US place trade restrictions on Japan before World War 2?

The U.S. stopped selling oil to Japan in July of 1941, which waspart of the motivation for the Pearl Harbor attack from Japan'sperspective. We were their major oil supplier, a