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What military and political restrictions were placed on Germany and Japan after the war?

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They are not allowed any nuclear weapons
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What prompted Germany and Japan to go to war?

Germany went to war in 1939 for many reasons. 1. Hitler was trying to fulfill his view of "Living Space" for Germans. To take a country and move out it's occupants and replace

Why were Germany and Japan allies in World War 2?

Hitler was looking for a partner with a STRONG NAVY, something in  which his armed forces were weak in (the German Navy was primarily  a submarine navy), and a country that

When did Japan declare war on Germany in World War 1?

Japan declared war on Germany on 1914 August 23, as a result of the Anglo-Japanese alliance signed in 1902. Britain had declared war on Germany several weeks before on August

Why did Japan become an ally of Germany in World War 2?

Japan wanted to conquer the entire world (imperialism), but they couldn't do that alone, so they needed an ally. Allies are often chosen upon political ideas, and all the Axis

When did Japan form an alliance with Germany in World War 2?

The Tripartite (Three Party) Pact was signed on September 27, 1940. The three signers were: -Adolf Hitler, representing Germany -Galeazzo Ciano, representing Italy -Saburo Kur

Why did Japan and Italy join with Germany in World War 2?

Answer   Italy wanted to grab whatever it could. Japan was opportunistic in that they wanted to control the Pacific and believed that they had a much better chance while

Why did Germany and japan lose World War 2?

Germany was defeated at Stalingrad by the Russians. - Largest battle in human history. Germany lost most of its ability to fight after this ridiculous huge battle. The Japane

Did Germany use a military draft in World War 1?

Yes. Germany and all the other major combattant countries in Europe, except Britain, had had compuslory military service of various kinds since about 1870. Britain introduced

In World War 2 why did japan team up with Germany?

Germany and Japan were allies in World War 2 because they both shared common enemies. But mostly because Germany had Nuclear Technology but couldn't build it due to constant a

What were the human costs of World War 2 with particular attention to the civilian and military losses in Russia Germany Britain United States China and Japan?

 Answer   Hello John,     It is usually stated that around 56 000 000 people died in the war (i.e. because of the war), of which around 25 000 000 were combattan