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What military and political restrictions were placed on Germany and Japan after the war?

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They are not allowed any nuclear weapons
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What prompted Germany and Japan to go to war?

Germany went to war in 1939 for many reasons. 1. Hitler was trying to fulfill his view of "Living Space" for Germans. To take a country and move out it's occupants and replace

How was the war fought and why did Japan and Germany lose?

America and Russia did their own parts on Germany and japan. America invaded and bombed most of western Europe with assisted British royal planes. British will bomb at night a

Do Japan and Germany have a military today or were they stripped of their right?

Yes. They still have a military. Japan has only a "self-defense force," under the 1947 Peace Constitution forced upon them by the United States. Under this constitution, they

What military restrictions did the Treaty of Versailles impose on Germany?

The restrictions were: German army reduced to 100,000 men. No submarines. The Rhineland was to be de-militarised and occupied by the Allies for 15 years. Manufacture, import a

When did Japan declare war on Germany in World War 1?

Japan declared war on Germany on 1914 August 23, as a result of the Anglo-Japanese alliance signed in 1902. Britain had declared war on Germany several weeks before on August

Do Japan and Germany have a military today or were they stripped of their right to have a military after World War 2 and do we have our troops there?

Both countries have modern military technology and large well funded militaries. Both have been involved in military actions all over the world. Since the end of the Cold Wa

Were we at war with Japan or Germany in World War 2?

Both. Japan, German and Italy were part of the Tripartite Pact (the Axis) that opposed the Allies. Japan's long running war with China (started in 1937) merged into what we

How did the ambitions of Germany and Japan lead to war?

Germany wanted more land for larger population, its military actions led to war. And for Japan wanted natural resources; its military actions led the U.S. to threaten sanction

Why did the us go to war with Japan and Germany?

The United States went to war with Japan because of their attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. The U.S. was more or less expecting war with Japan at some point, but not at

How did the Great depression affect political life in Germany and japan?

The Depression had profound political effect. In countries such as Germany and Japan, reaction to the Depression brought about the rise to power of militarist governments who

What were the human costs of World War 2 with particular attention to the civilian and military losses in Russia Germany Britain United States China and Japan?

 Answer   Hello John,     It is usually stated that around 56 000 000 people died in the war (i.e. because of the war), of which around 25 000 000 were combattan

Discuss the human costs of the war with particular attention to the civilian and military losses in Russia Germany Britain the US China and Japan?

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