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What mineral is bright yellow and used in sulfuric acid?

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Why is sulfuric acid used used in car battery?

Sulfuric acid is used because it combines with water to produce electrolytes. Inside a car battery, these electrolytes cover the battery plates, and are used to power the cran

How would you prepare dilute sulfuric acid from concentrated sulfuric acid for use in an experiment?

To dilute sulfuric acid, the acid should be added slowly to cold  water with constant stirring to limit build-up of heat.    This acid will heat up very quickly, so wh

What is sulfuric acid used for?

it's used in alcohol, paper, glue, rubber, paints, dyes, fertilizers, and plastics!

What are the uses of sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid can be used to make fertilisers, chemicals, paints, explosives, detergents and probably other stuff as well. Concentrated sulphuric acid is a cheaper chemical re

Can nitric acid be used instead of sulfuric acid?

In some cases, it could be used but not always. For example, if an acid is required only for its H + , then it could be used but if you require a very strong oxidizing agen
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How can acid be used to identify a mineral?

Acid can chemically alter certain minerals (carbonate minerals most notably), producing a bubbling or effervescence when applied directly to their surface. The rate at which t

Can sulfuric acid be used in PVC?

  21 days of immersion   I have exposed PVC to 70% sulfuric acid for 21 days. No leakage or breakdown of the PVC container has been observed during this period.