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What molecule is not attracted to polar water molecules?

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Why is a water molecule a polar molecule?

Different elements have different electro-negativities. Electro-negativity is the ability of an atom to withdraw 'electron density' towards itself, i.e. it makes electrons com

What is the attraction between polar molecules?

A polar molecule has two poles, a negative pole and a positive pole (which is the result of an asymmetrical distribution of electrons). And in accordance with Coulomb's Law, o

Water molecules have a polarity which allows them to be electrically attracted to other water molecules and other polar molecules by weak chemical bonds known as?

Hydrogen bonding. Water molecules electrons are not sharred evenly between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The easiest way to explain it is that the oxygen atom "hogs" the elec

Water molecules can attract other polar molecules through?

Water molecules attract the opposite poles of other polar molecules through poles present in water itself.