What musical instrument is called a harpoon?

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The "mouth harp" is slang for harmonica. That's where it originated -- morphing into "harp" or "harpoon". You can hear it used in a song called Me and Bobby McGee, by Kris Kristofferson: "I pulled my harpoon out of my dirty red bandana, was playin' low while Bobby sang the blues ..."
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Which is called as queen of musical instruments?

i think its violin.. 2nd Answer Although violin and piano are both praised, the queen/king of instrument is considered to be organ (by W. A. Mozart himself) for 2 reaso

What musical instrument is called a tubular?

The only instrument I can think of with "tubular" as part of its name (rather than a description) is the "Tubular Bells", also called Orchestral Chimes. This instrument has a

What are the names of the music instruments called?

Well, there are many diverse instruments and a question like "What are the names of the music instruments called?" Is too broad and also has very bad grammar. Some are listed

What is the fear of musical instruments called?

Melophobia is the fear of music. The only specific term for a fear of a particular musical instrument is aulophobia, which is a fear of flutes. One might have supposed tha

What is a musical instrument called jug?

It is a jug ( real one) played by putting a skin over the end and hitting the side with a baton. it is a bit like when you play the 'saw'. you have to hit it just right. hope
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What is the musical instrument called a virginal?

The virginal is an early keyboard instrument similar to but much smaller than the harpsichord. They were usually built without legs and were placed on tables to play.
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Is there a musical instrument called symbols?

it's a symbol, part of a drum kit and makes a clang-like sound when stuck with a drumstick.. it's a thin, mostly flat piece of metal that is suspended in the air on a pole...s