What nicknames does Steven Seagal go by?

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Steven Seagal goes by The Great One, Lord Steven, and The Master of Aikido.
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What rank is Steven Seagal in Aikido?

Seagal began his adult life as an aikido instructor in Japan, and is currently a 7th dan in aikido. He is considered the first foreigner to ever own and operate an aikido dojo

Was Steven Seagal a navy seal?

If he was or is in the military we would never know becausehe would be the top secret type i definitely believe he is becausesteven drove a tank in some person's property and

What race is steven seagal?

He is an American and probably from European descent. He married a Japanese woman and trained with her father, but is now single.

What illness does steven seagal have?

I have noticed in his last pictures he can´t move, he uses doubles and hardly works on acting, I do suspect he has something. But there are no news that say so.
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Is Katie Seagal related to Steven Seagal?

No. There is no celebrity named Katie Seagal; this is typically a misspelling of one of several peoples names which have similar pronunciation but different spellings: K