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What nicknames does Tom BiBiyan go by?

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Tom BiBiyan goes by T. Bibi.
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What was Tom Hanks' nickname?

He was given the nickname Tom Hankies when he cried both times he  received his Oscars for Best Actor.

Which School does Tom Daley go to?

Tom Daley goes to Plymouth College.    Tom used to go to Eggbuckland but moved to Plymouth college because  he was being bullied.    Tom has now finished School

Where did Tom Cruise go to school?

He moved around quite a lot, but I know for a fact that he spent at least 2 years in Glen Ridge High School in Glen Ridge, NJ. Everyone here talks about it ;)

What school did Tom Sawyer go to?

  tom sawyer went to TRP Middle school. (A.K.A. Thomas R. Pollicita) Now, a lot of awesome people go there........unlike him.

Which president had the nickname Long Tom?

There does not appear to be any evidence available to show any president has the nickname "Long Tom." Thomas Jefferson did have the nickname "Mad Tom." Thomas Jefferson