What obstacles did Donald Trump have to overcome?

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Donald Trump had to overcome bankruptcy in his company, the Trump Organization. He successfully got out of this situation. Also, Donald lost a lot of money but then got his net worth back up.
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What obstacles have African-Americans overcome?

they went through being abused for being African American. Many were assassinated just because of their skin color. Their were laws allowing whites to treat blacks unfairly! they went through being abused for being African American. Many were assassinated just because of their skin color. Their were (MORE)

Obstacles Anne Frank had to overcome?

Anne Frank had ovevercome a lot of challenges. But, I think her biggest one was fighting Typhus and getting sent away from home... . She also had to overcome her hiding era. She was so young and wanted to go outside and be a regular kid. But she couldn't, she had to hide to save her life.

What obstacles did King Tutankhamun overcome?

King Tutankhamen is one of the most well known pharaohs of ancientEgypt. This is more because of the tomb that was found almostintact, rather than anything he did during this lifetime. King Tutwas extremely young and the empire was already in decline when hetook power.

Famous people who have overcome obstacles?

Some famous people who have overcome obstacles are Helen Keller, she was blind and deaf and from her teacher Annie they were able to teach her sign language. Another person is Anne Frank, she was in hiding during the time of Adolf Hitler, she was able to positive about the situation and not let anyo (MORE)

What obstacles did Condoleezza Rice overcome?

Condoleezza Rice grew up in Alabama during the Jim Crow era. Shehad to adjust her life to using "colored" facilities, lack of hoteland restaurant access, and missing school days due to threats atschool. Her parents were very active in keeping their children safeas well as providing them with opportu (MORE)

What obstacles did Albert Einstein overcome?

Practically all of the world's top scientists thought that he was nuts - at first. His ideas were so radical and flew in the face of accepted 'truths' that despite his ideas being valid it took a lot of time and persuasion for other top scientists to believe his theories.

What obstacles did steve have to overcome to be succeful?

While today we take computers for granted, Steve Jobs was workingin the early 1980s, trying to make Apple's new Macintosh personalcomputer popular. This was an era when most people did not have acomputer nor were they planning to buy one; in fact, computers weremostly associated with business. Thus, (MORE)

How can you tell Donald Trump About your Donald Trump alarm?

Mr Trump, you called out Mr Obama on his birth certificate and got what you wanted. His BC says his father is African. AFRICAN is a nationality NOT a race. My BC does not say my dad was German. There are white Africans. ( thus the phase --- Afro - American.) Two nationalities not races. Back then, t (MORE)

What were obstacles that George Washington had to overcome?

George Washington had a few obstacles in his presidency that he had to overcome, including the Whiskey Rebellion. Alexander Hamilton, who was also the founder of the Federalist Party, convinced the president to place a tax on some objects, and one of them was whiskey. Since the people made more mone (MORE)

How did Christopher Columbus overcome the obstacles?

Christopher faced the obstacle of not having enough money! He went to Portugal to get support. Luckily, he got support from Ferdinand and Isabella , the king and queen of Spain. With the money he could survive the journey with plenty of food, water ship etc. Columbus convinced the rulers of S (MORE)

What obstacles did Thomas Edison overcome?

After thomas edison was raped for the thirteenth time, he was a little worried about the chance that he could get aids. He decided to pass on the aids by raping another man. Thomas edison continued his life without the rapist raping him anymore, and he was fine.

What obstacles did Venus Williams overcome?

The Williams sister were poor as children and the farther had to become there manager.As children life was for them wouldn't be as it it is now a days so nthey ad to overcome of how most people live these days. they had to overcome beeing poor they lived in a very rough naighbor hood.

Did Donald Trump Jr. have kids?

Yes, he has five children; daughters Kai Madison (born 2007) andChloe Sophia (born 2014) and sons Donald John III (born 2009),Tristan Milos (born 2011), and Spencer Frederick (born 2012).

Where is Donald Trump?

His offices are in New York, but as a nationally-known businesstycoon and television celebrity, he frequently spends time in othermajor cities such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas. As of the 2016 election, he has been in the White House.

What obstacles did Harry Houdini overcome?

Harry Houdini had a very poor family when he was a child. So at the age of 12, just 12 years old, he ran away from home in search of a job to earn money for his family.

What is the common instinct to overcome obstacles?

The most common reaction is the flight or fight reaction. The person experiences a sudden dilemna whether to take flight or stay and fight. The person then has to weigh the possibilities. Whether he can out-run the obstacle or if he would be better off to stay and fight it.

What obstacles did Marco Polo overcome?

Marco Polo left with is father and uncle for China. It took them 4years to reach their goal and in that time they had to overcomeweather, bandits, ship wrecks, snow storms, floods, miles ofdesert, mountains, oceans, hostile people, and many other things.It was not an easy trip.there were sand storms (MORE)

How did Miley Cyrus overcome her obstacles?

She believed in herself and she was sure that one day, even if the road is full of obstacles, she'll make it. Because, when you really wish to do something or be someone very much, it will sure happen. Just believe in yourself and keep going on!

What obstacles did Benito Juárez overcome?

Benito Juárez was born in a village in Oaxaca. His peasant parents both died when he was three years old, and his grandparents died not long after that; he was raised by his uncle. He worked as a shepherd and in corn fields until he was 12, when he started walking into town to attend school. He g (MORE)

What obstacles did Michelangelo overcome?

Perhaps the hardest obstacles that he had to overcome was his father who was absolutelly against Michelangelo being an artist. During the Renaissance times the profession of artist was looked down upon. Michelangelo took many a beating from his father.

What does Donald Trump wanted?

Another tiring, totally written wrong, question. Trump probably wants what we all want. That would be good health, no stress, no money worries, love and happiness.

What types of obstacles do historians have to overcome?

Historians have to overcome problems such as false reports of events and destroyed evidence. They can overcome these by source checking all evidence with other verified accounts. Some of the calculations can be incorrect and falsehood can be spread. So they have to act like a detective to make sure (MORE)

What obstacles did green day have to overcome?

Like any garage band, Green Day struggled getting discovered. Then, there are other struggles, like moving away from home at a young age to start touring, practicing their instruments/vocals, and so much more!

Has Harriet Tubman overcome obstacles?

Yes she had to overcome many obsticles in her life time like recovreing from her head injury and having to leave her family in Maryland until she knew it was safe to go back but in the mean time she saved over 300 slaves to freedom. There was also people asking for her for alot of money so also worr (MORE)

What obstacles have One Direction overcome?

Well some things that Liam had to overcome was: He was born with only one functioning kidney he was rejected by the doctors for a new one 22 times and he was rejected the first time he went on the 'X-Factor' but he went back 2 years later Niall: He received a lot of hate from 'fans' about his teeth (MORE)

How did Oprah Winfrey overcome obstacles?

she tryed really hard and she started by in high school she did this radio show and that moved her to the next level and now she is the only black woman billirone

What obstacle did Helen Keller overcome?

Helen Keller overcame both deaf and blindness. Since she was just 19 months old, She was left deaf and blind by a illness. Though she had these disabilities, She was able to overcome and learn with help from her teacher, Anne Sullivan. Later on in life, Helen became a best-selling author,world trave (MORE)

How do you overcome obstacle in chain survey?

Don't trust surveys, they either spam your phone or give your computer viruses. If your looking for a product, buy it online. In almost every single survey, it's always a scam, never trust them.

What did you do to overcome the obstacle?

what obstacle love? not much jest capt it together and got over it. sex? just waited patiently and it just come. not getting Knocked Up? use a condom or (if your a girl) take pills. did i miss something.

Did Barbara park overcome obstacles?

It does not tell if Barbara Park had to overcome any obstacles butI think she had to overcome a awful lot of obstacles such as, shewas preferably scared because she did not know what to write ,andwhen she did find out what she wanted to write she did notthink itwas correct.