What of these is a common theme in postcolonial African literature?

The clash of cultures
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What is Postcolonialism?

  Postcolonialism refers to the discursive body of theory that avers the persistence of colonial practices, despite the disavowal of officially sanctioned colonial endeavo (MORE)

Simone de Beauvoir: Her Life and Significance

French writer and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir is most famous for her 1949 book The Second Sex. She had a significant impact on the development of modern feminist theory, th (MORE)
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What is African literature?

Any piece of work which adopts the African style of writing (peculiar thematic preoccupation which is largely suppression, exploitation and misrepresentation), with its geogra (MORE)

What are the distinct characteristics of African literature?

There are many characteristics which distinguish African Literature from other literatures, in the world. The following are some characteristics as follows:- {1} Language use (MORE)

What is a Universal theme in literature?

Theme is the message about life that the author wants to convey to readers. It is universal when it trancends race, gender, sexual preference, and creed. Some examples of this (MORE)

The Founders of Feminism in Germany

The emancipation of women in society has its roots in the first feminist movement between 1848 and 1914, when they began fighting for their civil and political rights. In Germ (MORE)

Proto-Feminists: Paving the Way For Women's Rights

The word "feminism" wasn't coined until the late 19th century, but the cause for gender equality had its advocates before it ever had a name. These four women, though little-k (MORE)