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What party is Andrew Jackson affiliated with?

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andrew jackson did a democrat party
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Andrew Jackson party affiliation and have it ever changed parties?

Jackson was the essence of a party known as the 'Democratic Party". This party was really formed after he lost the election of 1824 because he did not a majority of electora

What political party was Andrew Jackson in?

Andrew Jackson was a Democrat/Democrat-Republican Andrew Jackson and his "Jacksonian" supporters began the Democratic-Republican party, which later became the Democratic Pa

What was andrew jacksons politacal party?

Andrew Jackson was part of the Democratic party in America when he  was president. This is particularly notable because he was the  first president elected as a democrat. Th

What did Andrew Jackson do for political parties?

Andrew Jason was a strong and controversial president, and out of the support for and opposition to his policies came the second party system. Jackson and his supporters calle