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It appears that the asker of this questions wants to know how much of the whole life policy they have is going for the insurance death benifit. It could also be that they are asking what percentage of life policies sold are term insurance policies.

Assuming the first thought is so, the answer is that it may be stated in your policy or under the 'right to know' sections of your policy illustration. you can even know what percentage commission your agent gets if you ask him or the company.

I will use the illustration that I find interesting. A mid 30 female asked for a quote on life insurance. A 1 million dollar policy. For $60/ month she could buy term insurance, for $470/ month she could buy whole life.

What percentage is going toward term insurance or the death benefit? I see it has a $410/month difference, which if invested well will perform better in the long run.

If it is the 2nd question, I do not know the answer.
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Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that covers an insured for a specified period of time. The best example of this is flight insurance - a term policy that covers

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If you have a permanent type of policy such as whole life or universal life there may be some cash value to recover.If it is a term insurance policy there is no cash value so

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