What percentage of students attend private schools in the US?

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As of about 2006, 11% or 6.1 million students in private, including parochial, schools. See Council for American Private Education, http://www.capenet.org/facts.html and National Center for Education Statistics (2008), http://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=65
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Is it possible for a foreign student from the Philippines with a student visa to come to the US to attend school and get married?

Answer . It is extremely illegal to enter the United States with the intention of getting married. You need a fiance visa to marry a US citizen or premanent resident. If you come to the US with a student visa with the intentions of going to school and then later you meet someone, fall in love, (MORE)

What percentage of private school students go to college?

Private vs Public Schools . According to the National Center for Education Statistics' "Schools and Staffing Survey 1999-2000," 99.3 percent of students who attended private schools graduated, compared to 88 percent of public high school students. Some 93 percent of private school students went (MORE)

How many students attend public school?

That's difficult to answer as you do not state in which country. Also public scools are different in different places. For instance in the UK what are known as public schools are called private schools in the US

Should students get paid for attending school?

absolutely not. I think education is one of the most valuable things in this lifetime. and with the way the world is today its surprising that you don't have to pay for your children to go to public school. anyway the answer to the question is no. And anyone who does think that you should re evaluat (MORE)

Should student be paid for attending school?

Of course NOT!!! The drive to go to school should not be money... the drive should be to succeed and excel yourself. Education is a privilege. For all the kids out there who want to do good and get a good job and education..

What is the percentage of students who dislike going to school?

School is like a job - everyone has times when they don't want to go! Most students understand that education is important for preparing them to be successful in a career later, so even if they don't enjoy going to school every day, they go anyway.. Ways to cut down on this feeling. remind yoursel (MORE)

Why attend a private school?

The decision of whether to attend a private school is a personal one, but a few advantages many parents say private schools have over public ones are smaller class sizes, increased parental involvement, college/university preparation, extracurricular activities and a shared educational philosophy.

What percentage of high school students are Christians?

Your question needs to be clarified. If we divide "Christians" into (1.) those who are Christian in name only (no personal relationship with Jesus Christ including babies baptized at anothers' request, nice people, church goers, church members, those whose parents are Christians, those who live in A (MORE)

Do Cara and Mady Gosselin attend a private school?

Yes, the Gosselin twins attend a private school. While the question is legitimate, on WA we refrain from posting detailed address (or school name/phone number/cell phone/private e-mail/etc) information. provide detailed information for the minor children featured in TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8. It is W (MORE)

What percentage of students attend private schools in Japan?

Statistics are all from 2003 Broken down by type of school. Ratios are (school % : student %) Kindergarten (59.2%:79.1%) Elementary school (0.8%:0.9%) Middle School (6.3%:6.2%) High School (24.2%:29.3%) Junior College ( (MORE)

Should students be paid to attend school?

Students should be paid because their parents pay to get into school, so why not get a little back. It is considered a child's profession to go to school. Almost all other professions are paid, so why shouldn't students. Plus, students work just as hard as teachers and teachers get paid. Sure you on (MORE)

What percentage of students hate school?

There have been several polls done in different schools to see howmany children liked and disliked school. In most polls, thechildren that hated school was low, about 10 percent.

Why do some students not attend school?

Some families can not afford to pay for school, and some students have been expelled from other schools that it may be hard to find a school that will let them in. or is that school is boring schools are being to hard to there students or the teachers push there students too hard.

When do Mexican students attend school?

well they hopped the board with no money so inless that mexican is good at cutting grass than they probly wont be able to attend school untill they can afford it

What percentage of students are home schooled?

According to me, a large section of children opt for homeschooling. Homeschooling is undoubtedly a convenient option especially for those students who face difficulty in going to a school for several reasons. Parents also find it easy, as children can be taught at home under the supervision of them (MORE)

Why are students afraid to attend school?

well, in some cases there are much shyer children than others! and, many children are insecure about looks or even more. Remember, puberty kicks in towards junior high! and bullying is most definitely applied. children go through plenty in school that teachers are also unaware of. like, pot heads, k (MORE)

Did Jane Goodall attend uplands private school?

Yes Jane Goodall did go to Uplands School. I was at the school with her. The school was a girls school in Parkstone, Dorset, England, near the town of Bournemouth. Jane left in 1952 and I left a year later.

What percentage of middle school students have laptops?

72% of College students have laptops. Unknown percentage of students in middle school have laptops. Although, most commonly, it is from years 9 - 12 that students receive laptops from the government, or from their own resources.

How does attending school benefit the student?

if a student attends school then they are there and can do the work and therefore gain knowledge but if they don't attend school the student is not there and they can't learn, and if the student is in year 10,11,12 or even further more then when it comes to the time of the exam the student would not (MORE)

What private school do the Gosselins attend?

While the question is legitimate, on WA we refrain from posting detailed address (or school name/phone number/cell phone/private e-mail/etc) information. provide detailed information for the minor children featured in TLC's Kate Plus 8. It is WikiAnswers policy not to provide personal contact in (MORE)

Should students chose to not attend school?

Students should attend school no matter what to get an education because 75% of prison inmates are dropouts and students that have graduated can make 10,000 dollars more a year than ones that didnt. And I think you need an education you can't even spell choose right, I'm a grammar nazi sorry

What percentage of high school students play sports after school?

This is often a misreported number because most studies do not include NCAA Division III, NAIA and all Junior Colleges. If you were to take the total number of High School Participants (7,092,999) and the Total Number of College Participants (581,077) you are looking at more than 8%. Obviously that (MORE)

Should students be paid for attending school?

Technically, the government pays the schools on behalf of the students (state schools) using taxpayer money. If you were to have to pay as a family, the cost would be so excessive that many would remain illiterate. So in essence, students are being paid to attend since neither they nor their familie (MORE)

How old can a student be and still attend school?

In USA average college student's age is 75 year old. You can attend a college as early as you are a fetus with developed limb buds, indicating that you have a potential to write once you leave your momy's vagina.