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What percentage of the world's tornadoes occur in the US?

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About 75% of recorded tornadoes strike the United States. This is misleading however, as many countries do not keep records of their tornadoes. The actual number of tornadoes outside the U.S. is not known.
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Why do the most powerful Tornadoes occur in the US?

In short, the Central United States has just about the perfect  climate for producing tornadoes.   The long version: Most strong tornadoes in the U.S. occur between  the

Why do most tornadoes in the US occur in the spring and early summer?

Because the cold, dry air from Canada meets warm, moist air from the tropics, producing very strong thunderstorms. On top of that, the upper atmosphere hasn't fully warmed up

Why do most tornadoes occur in the middle US?

The region is prone to collisions of air masses with a very large difference in temperature and/or moisture content. Such collisions produce strong thunderstorms. When wind sp

Why do tornadoes frequently occur in the Midwestern states of the US?

The Midwest sees a high frequency of tornadoes because of its ideal  climatic setup. In the spring storm systems cause warm, moist air  from the Gulf of Mexico to collide wi