What qualities you think you would need to offer good customer service?

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what qualities you think you would need to offer good customer service? Twenty years fo customer service management experience suggests to me that Customer service representatives who stand out in their work are:
  • Friendly
  • Quick
  • Efficient yet effective
  • Knowledgeable
  • Optimistic
  • Diligent and thorough
  • Able to understand and interpret customers' needs and wants
  • Good listeners - devotees of the two ears and one mouth theory
  • Think outside the square - but within defined boundaries
  • Empathetic and strong rapport builders
  • Remain calm and poised
  • Honest and fair
  • above all else, Solutions focussed
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Qualities to provide good customer service?

Patience would be essential seeing that there would be cases where customers would come to you with complaints (sometimes with aggression) so you would have to deal with in a

What is good customer service quality?

The customer service is the only hope for the customer and this is somewhat the pinpoint of the solution for the customers problems.so for the sack of customers satisfaction a

What is good quality Customer service?

Washing your hands before doing anything. Say "how may i help you?" No matter how mad you are never yell at them and don't show it on your face
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What do you think constitutes good customer service?

Good customer service - involved paying attention to the customers needs, appreciating any problems they have and reaching a successful conclusion. Good customer service is