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Orange has almost no perfect rhymes.

However, there are two proper names in the English language that rhyme with orange. They are Blorenge and Gorringe. The former is the name of a hill in the UK and the latter is a surname in Britain. Both are accepted as English proper nouns.

Sporange rhymes with orange.
It is a very rarely-used version of the word "sporangium", which is the botanical term for a part of a fern or a similar plant. Sporangium/sporange also means the part of a plant (or fungus) that contains the spores.
Orange rhymes with Blorenge (a mountain in Wales).
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Does door henge rhyme with orange?

Nope. Unless you pronounce orange like orenge. And they also don't rhyme because the first E in henge makes a different sound than the A in orange.

Does orange rhyme with orange?

Orange rhymes with itself and only itself. There are no other words, at least in the English dictionary, that rhyme with orange. . It isn't normally accepted that a rhyme cou

What rhymes with orange purple and month?

nothing rhymes with orange this rhymes with purple: Burble, carpal, chortle, circle, corbel, fertile, garble, girdle, gurgle, herbal, hurdle, hurtle, marble, mortal, myrtle

What rhymes with orange what is a common noun?

It is widely accepted that no English word is a true rhyme fororange. The noun sporangium (a botanical term) is as close as youcan get. The noun sporangium is a commonnoun