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What season is described in the opening passage of Canterbury Tales?

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What is the Canterbury Tales about?

The Canterbury Tales is about a group of pilgrims who venture onto Canterbury for a "pilgrimage" which most used for a break from their usual labors and happen to meet The Ho

Describe the Parson in the Canterbury Tales?

The Parson is a religious figure in the Canterbury Tales. He is possibly the only honest to God figure who doesn't hold himself in such high reguards as to be full of himself.

How can you describe the wife of Bath in The Canterbury Tales?

Alison - the Wife of Bath - is the only unaccompanied woman on the pilgrimage. She is deaf from an injury sustained in a fight with one of her several husbands (Alison is mult

Describe the Pardoner in Canterbury Tales?

  The Pardoner seems to have an unusually close friendship with the Summoner (the two sing a suggestive lovesong in harmony together). The Pardoner has lanky yellow hair w

Describe the Prioress in Canterbury Tales?

The Prioress in Canterbury Tales was named Madam Eglantyne, sang nasally, spoke French poorly, had respectable table manners, was sensitive (cried if her small dogs died), wor