What should I do I am sixteen and your penis is only 4.5 inches erect how do i make it larger?

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put toothpaste on everynite and leave over nite 4 2 weeks
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You are 15 years old with a 4.5 inch penis erect im only 5feet 3 in height and am a late developer should you be worried?

No, as you have said you are a "late developer" and now that you have begun to develop you should find that your height and penis length will increase as part of the process o

I am sixteen years old and i have a 4.5 inch penis when erected is this too small to have sex?

first of all you don't need to know when its a good time to have sex you are too young start thinking about sex when you married. The above answer is right in context, You ar
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Your penis is 4.5 inches erect and you are 13is that normL?

Yes it is pretty much normal. if you are worried about penis size you can research more over the net. you still have a lot of time for penile development so dont worry. If yo