What should you do if you have a big sister that bosses you around and is annoying and what revenge should you do that she will think is funny?

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AnswerWell it's not always funny to get revenge cause eventually that person will get a bigger revenge on you. But if the relationship with your big sister is based on pranks and you get along will that's totally safe and fun.

Prank: Here's what your going to do. When she comes home hide some where she can't see you. Then sneak up on her and scare the guts out of her. Make sure that she's not in a bad mood cause this might cause some trouble. It's not a MEGA prank but it's something that she will think is funny.
Also when she's drinking milk try to make her laugh so hard that milk comes out of her nose that's a classic.  Answer 3:Well depending on your relationship, she might think it's funny to do this, or she might take you seriously. Trust me, I have 6 older siblings, but what I think you should do is to just laugh whenever she does something to you and you know she's trying to make you mad... It'll drive her crazy if you just burst out laughing when she's mean to you. And this way you're not really doing anything that you could get in trouble with from your parents.
Show your parents she is pure evil, she might get sent to Portuguese for a year and if that don't work, make her pay $5.00 to insult you or anything else. That way you get paid and if she don't pay tell your parents the bet. That always works with me!!!
Although that is a great tech nech what i do is jist tell my parents that she hurt me and she gets introuble.
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What should you do if your friend is annoying you?

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How do you get revenge on your big sister?

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Why are big sisters so annoying?

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What do you do with an annoying big sister that bosses you around?

Tell your Dad or Mom that she is bullying you. Stay out of her way. Lock her in the coal shed or attic. Show her up in front of her friends when she makes a mistake. Tell her to shut up. There are many ways to handle this, you just need to find a way that is suitable for you.

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Why do you want to annoy her? She is your sister and you should be nice her. You are lucky to have a big sister: many people don't.

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How do you get revenge on a big sister?

I am planning on getting revenge on my big sister too. If you don'twant to get in trouble, here are some choices: Put something spicy or sour on her toothbrush. Steal her stuff and hide it. Just kill her with kindness. If you do that, she's realize she'sbeen mean to you and you'll become friends. (MORE)