What should you do if you inhaled ammonia and bleach?

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open all windows and doors go outside get fresh air even if it is winter drink plenty of cold water do not lie down or sit remain standing and get plent of air fresh air
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What happens when you inhale ammonia and bleach?

Ammonia and Bleach create Chlorine gas. Which causes respiratory damage that will lead to death if enough is inhaled. Oh and it's painful. Warning to all who like to clean t

Bleach and ammonia?

The two react to form many toxic products, including chloramine, dichloramine, nitrogen trichloride and hydrazine. But, if the reaction goes through all the way, it forms non-

Effects of Inhaling ammonia fumes?

I have lived in my home for two years and lost my sense of smell after living here for 3 months. I have also had sinus infections non-stop since I moved here. Just last week w

Can you take any medication after inhaling bleach and ammonia?

That sounds like a nasty little mixture. Ther is probably not a great deal you can do about the irritation you wil gett from it. perhaps drinking copious amounts of milk may b
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What are the side effects of inhaling ammonia?

Inhaling ammonia can cause irritation/burning of the throat, nose, and respiratory tract. In low concentration, this usually just leads to coughing, but in high concentration,
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Is ammonia bleach?

No. There are a number of types of bleach. Ammonia is not one ofthem. Never mix ammonia and bleach. Depending on the type, they canreact to form a deadly gas.